I am done

Twitter. I am going to give up. US isn’t a country, it’s only for certain people. If you have been attacked by bombs from or by US-backed soldiers, then sorry, but not sorry. You’re welcome. And Many Trumpers are here to overgeneralize people

At this rate, I’ll leave twitter for a while. I might start blogging after a year because of this. I care more for others’ feelings then they do for me. In a tweet that was so personal and involved my mother….man.And I try to be as calm as possible online.But people give less thought to what you have to say. I’ll get out of the internet, it’ll be happy without me practicing goody common etiquette. I get guilty easily.

I’ll come back next year, or when I feel like I calmed down and can handle the internet again. Maybe I’ll come back next June. I’ll close comments after two days.


27 thoughts on “I am done

  1. 🌐 'M.' 🌐 says:

    twitter ≠ internet

    srsly, it’s just infested with a bunch of crusty hipsters with no lives 😥 reddit would be better for you. 😊 i’m so fkn srs

    nuuuu, u can’t leave the internet! (‘specially WordPress!) you would be missed. 💓

  2. Wendy says:

    Sweetie, leave Twitter if you want but don’t leave here please. I’ll miss you terribly. Who else will keep me accountable for things each week?
    I’ve been fed up before and left, but I came back and much sooner than I thought I would.
    Take a little break if you need. But remember we’re here.
    I sure will miss you.
    I think you should stay here though, Twitter can mess with people. I don’t mess with it really.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I will be here! 😮 I got really silly emotional yesterday thinking I needed till June to get over something a stranger said >_> Haha, I am fine now. I was fine from the start of today, last time I cried and when I think of it now, it’s funny. Thank you so much. Your love warmed my heart. I read your comment with a goofy smile on my face ha. Thank you, and yeah, Productivity posts will still be here, I of all people need to keep myself accountable, not just you haha. Thank you so much, thank you thank you *bear hug* I will be posting less on politics now, I learnt my lesson. I learnt my lesson over and over, but I think yesterday’s lesson will stick for a longer while haha. Thank you *second bear bug*

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Dammit, I feel so guilty for my little episode yesterday. Mom made me feel better and I am ready to take on the net again xD But with baby steps, I will be posting less, starting small 🙂 And less politics for me

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