Fight Bigotry, in Tweets

This is Donald Trump Jr.’s Tweet:

The refugee problem gets to me (not only because I am a Muslim but also) because our country wouldn’t be able to defend itself against people from developed countries with their drones, bombs, etc. It hardly got itself out from the English. And then US-backed Pakistanis that take up so much of our history.  My family ‘almost’ got in a refugee crisis but a ‘refugee-camp’ in another city took my mother to safety during war. But here are some tweets against the apple that didn’t fall far from the Donald.

First, two tweets from the singer of “All of me” –

The second is from one of my favorite transwomen youtubers-

From a staff-writer at the Washington Post-

One of my favorite tweeters who give voice to the voiceless-

A terribly accurate argument-

I would do it too-

Although this wasn’t specifically directed against anyone, but this still is worth the mention, from a Unisef worker-