A video on how Trump got bigly

Fine, the answer is obvious, it’s from the support of Republican officials who already agree with Trump (before Trump even happened to the GOP, watch video below). Trump didn’t JUST HAPPEN out of nowhere and me and many others in our country believe that. And that point is perfectly made in the video from 4:49 onto 7:22 minutes.

Thanks to Robert (check out his blog on conflict-management) for clearly explaining what I’ve been trying to find English words for-

I analyze both presidential candidates from a conflict management point of view. While I’m not exactly sure in reference to Hillary Clinton, I *am* sure that Donald Trump will contribute to more conflict, both domestically and internationally. Indeed, he already is inspiring more conflict…..

I actually never thought that in my lifetime I’d see this level of fascism arising from within American society. Donald Trump will create domestic and world conditions which are more unsafe for everyone in it. This is my concern.

I’d much rather take Gary Johnson, who was born in Aleppo (The Onion, ha!) than Donald Trump. (I agree more with liberatarinism than I do with republican, politics is pretty filthy and US government shouldn’t take taxes from it’s citizens….except for helping poor people or minority groups. (Somewhat Marxist Liberatarian?)

Naturally, most people who won’t have trouble with Donald Trump are…..those who won’t have trouble with Donald Trump in presidency. Like Whites, straights and…..non-non-Christians. So they’re more of an ‘every man for themselves’ kind of person (my basic opinion of *most* Republicans, not ALL Republicans). Basically those who value punishment for abortion, no gay marriage and no taxation a lot (My opinion, one or more of these reasons why most republicans vote for Donald Trump)

Democrats are more ‘out-there’ thinkers to me. Believing there’s always someone who’ll need contribution from us as a whole. And everyone needs contributing something to in society to make it work for those who are poor and non-browns, non-straights, etc basically the poor and minorities

I don’t make any distinction between people who DID something and people who supported the deed done** (I know some people won’t agree, and that’s fine) wwhichis why I believe there’s almost no difference between Hillary and Trump- in war policies and their reliability to not con the American people. But the little difference in the message both the candidates sends, in my opinion, is what makes all the difference. And that is to not give the xenophobes the permission to divide.

** this is literally all I have to share on the topic of the doer and the supporter.(although I did share some other things HERE), I have nothing more to add to this. I know LOTS of people will disagree, and that’s alright.I just won’t make distinctions between the voter of the war and the supporter of the war/Saddam-Hussein-style wars….and I have a funny picture to share-

(Comments closed because I don’t want to talk on US-politics on my blog anymore. Hopefully I won’t write anything more on this)

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