Politics have been on our families’ minds. If it was any other country, we wouldn’t have thought so much of it. But you know that when someone becomes the president of America, that person indirectly becomes the president of many other countries.

I asked my accounting teacher about his opinion on both of the candidates and he gave an answer unlike what I’ve heard. He answered purely based on economics and replied, “Oh, Mon. Both are awful. Hillary will be awful. But Trump’s policies are going to be worse on our country’s trades than Hillary’s” (We’re from Bangladesh, BTW) And that was all. Nothing on their attitude or background or whatever. This was so cool to get an answer not on a person’s idea of the lesser of evil, but which one is going to be affecting OUR country in economics 😮 Oh look. I’ve already finished a two paras on politics.

(If you like cringey stories, keep reading)

But anyway, today I didn’t want to talk about politics (hoe hee hoonggg, I don’t know) and I found a site where they give you ‘Random First Line Prompts’. And my prompt was- ‘Who would have poisoned the old man’s dog?’

Who would’ve poisoned an oldie’s dog? How the f*ck do I go on from here? Erm…Oh (random strike of imagination), the dog might have been the old man’s son that turns into a howling dog on full moons. And a cranky neighbor got tired of its howling. One night, the neighbor poisoned the water in the dog’s bowl, BUT the neighbor didn’t know that the this dog was his son, as well as his pet on the special lunar times, which are specially lunar-full, like with a full-moon. How do I use ‘full-moon’ as an adjective?

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14 thoughts on “Seriously

  1. charlypriest says:

    Just make me” president of the world” and you will have a world of peace and prosperity.

    So economics?…….. I could use a person that knows how to invest my money wisely, or at least not spend it all by day 15 of the month and have a big fat 0 on the bank account.
    So you want to be my accountant?

  2. Robert says:


    Thank you for this post.

    As your accounting teacher offered his opinion strictly from an economics point of view, I analyze both presidential candidates from a conflict management point of view. While I’m not exactly sure in reference to Hillary Clinton, I *am* sure that Donald Trump will contribute to more conflict, both domestically and internationally. Indeed, he already is inspiring more conflict and physical violence (see the frequent occurrences where his influence inspires physical violence at his rallies).

    This has been my concern all along with regard to Donald Trump. Putting aside all the other despicable aspects of his character for a moment (though let’s not forget them), just from a conflict management perspective, he is incendiary.

    I do a good bit of blogging and tweeting about ISIS. What is astounding is that the perspective about Islam from both ISIS and Donald Trump mirror one another. While ISIS (really just a large criminal gang which uses Islam as an excuse to do what they do) toxically distorts the teachings of Islam, Donald Trump agrees with the perspective of ISIS, that is, that Islam is out to kill all non-Muslims.

    Donald Trump points to ISIS and says: “See? This is Islam! Let’s deport all Muslims!” Then ISIS responds with the expected response: ” See? The West hates us! Death to them all!”

    I actually never thought that in my lifetime I’d see this level of fascism arising from within American society.

    Donald Trump will create domestic and world conditions which are more unsafe for everyone in it. This is my concern.

    All good wishes,


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