Feeling a List Up my Throat

Hillary and Trump- they aren’t much different. Why? I’ll base this around by first telling something about Hillary and then how Trump is similar is some of these points. Trump who I believe, isn’t much different.

  • Her vulnerably private emails-accounts? Trump asked Daddy Russia to hack them- they’re both careless sociopaths. What Clinton did, even though wasn’t right, wasn’t illegal by law-enforcement agencies, rather, it was careless. What Trump did, encouraging other countries to threaten US-national security…well. She said this huge big carelessness wouldn’t happen again, but hinting at others that these servers are private-enough-to-get-hacked should be given attention.
  • Iraq war. One was in the position to be able to encourage it, which was a horrible thing she did. The other praises world-leaders who tortured people. Flip-flops on, “Yeah, the Iraqi war was horrible…..on our economy” and then later to “wish it were done properly” on the war.The only reason Trump doesn’t get associated with the Iraqi was like Clinton is because…..he wasn’t in politics to be able to do those things! We are to judge him by his thoughts on these issues now. His thoughts are that the war was ineffectively expensive
  • One bombed Muslims. The other wanted to ban them. (Read the above point if you haven’t). The thing is, he isn’t professional about it (professionally, un-Hitler-like-d;y banning people basing their morals on religion, that is) and the way he spreads his message gives voice to xenophobes (like the friend that wanted me banned). Those politicians are corrupt murderers (one being a wanna-be-Saddam-Hussein murderer), but if they’re going to be giving voice to xenophobic citizens and giving a rise to these people- I would pretty believe there’s more problem here added to the old murder-people-tactics. They’re both horrible. But if they’re not going to be able to keep their horribleness under wraps, it becomes a problem. This is the main reason I as a Muslim prefer Clinton more. She isn’t spreading around messages as she is pretending to not be horrid. Not being a horrid messenger means less people backing up on your horrid statements. Whose ears your words are falling on, is important

  • Clinton money- People are acting like US-officials have no Muslim allies who might want Hillary (If you didn’t know of Muslim allies in countries that work with US- yes, and many of them). Similar to celebs endorsing their favorite candidates, if it’s another person in politics signing a check, you add ‘money’ to last name to the person taking it. Trump on the other hand, stole campaign donations his supporters gave to buy $55,000 worth of his own books to artificially boost his sales. I know this is different from taking money from other people on politics. But this is stealing money from your supporters (well…and lots of other unpaid workers) to your own self-interests.

No hate, please.




6 thoughts on “Feeling a List Up my Throat

  1. 1 Nothing Please says:

    You know, it has been shown through polls that both candidates are the most unpopular ones in modern history. Your sentiments are shared globally by many others, including me. I want Obama for a third term! He racked up debt but otherwise he is a world favourite ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 1 Nothing Please says:

        I was actually supporting Bernie as well (I am Democrat aligned so never considered supporting a Republican candidate). I am not actually american, I am just oddly invested in US politics. Many of my favourite celebs also supported Bernie. I said Obama because given the current situation, I would rather have Obama stay than any of the other two come in. But I was Bernie all the way as well. Hilary bothers me because she is so inconsistent. She adopts viewpoints that make her favourable towards the public when she pleases. She used to be against gay marriage in the early 2000s and now she preaches about equality as if she was always about it. She should be a bit more honest to herself and the people looking up to her. Trump of course has too many problems which you have elucidated quite well before ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Mon โ˜  says:

      Thank you. Yeah, the contenders are different flavors ice-cream really…..but I wouldn’t want to go to America because of the preference I’ve seen for vanilla though (Look at me, metaphory)

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