Monday Productivity

I was supposed to write on the Monday-productivity challenge…..and I am on time! *poo-bear celebration* The first 11 weeks (every Monday), my progress went like this-11 Weeks.png

And I’ve studied a lot more than before and exercised 3 times this week. Even though I didn’t achieve the exact goals (because I became idealistic in my approach to goal-setting again), I have done quite well. And I meditated for 6 hours the last 5 days, my OCD was very well-managed till yesterday when I forgot to take the pills *cries*

Image result for cry "gif"

And I feel like my meditation efforts were sabotaged because I started getting more anxious today. But whatever. Learning from mistakes. I should save some “emergency pills” for when I lost them or forget to buy them. And I’ll give myself a good 40% this week.

My tasks for this week-

  1. Do at least 4 Pomodoros a day
  2. Exercise for at least 40 minutes
  3. Finish reading Lord of the Flies

I’ll leave you with some tweets:

Do you have any weekly goals? How well did you do last week personal-growth-wise? (Sorry, I didn’t know how else to say this). Is there something you want to get done by next Monday? Let me know!


8 thoughts on “Monday Productivity

  1. Wendy says:

    Last week. 1. Be as productive as the week before….done, as I did nothing really the week before. ha. 2. Find someone to mow our grass…done. He did a fine job too. 3. Keep appointments for the week. Had 2 kept 1. Had to cancel the 2nd because hubby couldn’t take me. I’m thinking that isn’t a good goal for me there are too many things that can stand in my way that have nothing to do with me.
    This week: 1. Use rowing machine at least 4 days. 2. get a post out about seizures – hard subject. 3. meditate at lest 4 days this week 4. stick to my diet every day but Saturday, that’s my anniversary, I realize I may go over on that day.
    Wish me luck!!

    Good luck to you!! We can do it!!

    • Mon ☠ says:

      We have one thing in common. I’ve been using this cool meditation app called Insight Timer. And I meditated for 6 hours the past 7 days . I’ve realized that breathing meditation is the best for me because it helps me both physically and emotionally.
      I don’t know what seizures are like, I would like to know from personal experience :o, I’ll be awaiting your post. Happy anniversary!

      • Wendy says:

        I’m working on the post, but it’s hard to talk about. I can tell you that you would never want to have a seizure. It’s scary. I did meditate today! Not being very productive around the house yet, maybe tomorrow. 😆 I’m glad you’ve found a good way to meditate.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Just finished reading your post. I know the physical illness comes from anxiety, but seizers would’ve never come to my mind. I didn’t know about it so thanks for sharing it. It sounds frightening, I wouldn’t want this illness on anyone 😦

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