Thoughts on Burqini

I am a Hijabi. And if I were to go to a country where there was a ban on covering yourself at the beach- then I would comply with the law. If I can’t handle that, then I’d  leave the country. I probably came to that country to begin with because this country gave me more opportunities than the one I came from.

Recently there’s been a lot of attention around a woman who had to take off her burqini after being forced by the French police. My thought was that it wasn’t anything unexpected to happen when she went against the law.

Some people are saying it like the police forced her to strip. And I don’t get it. Did she get nude? Or did she take off as much as she was expected to in this country? And are we told whether she was told to either take off her suit or leave, and she decided to take off her suit instead? I don’t really like not getting enough information from the media.

If I were to go against the cultural-system, I would expect to have officials displeased with me. I mean, yes I am a Hijabi Muslim. Do I agree with what France is doing? No.Do I think the Burqini-ban is illogical? Heck yeah. Do I believe I should follow the customs when I enter another country? Yes, as long as said culture doesn’t inflict on my freedom to have security from torture, theft, etc

I have this belief that we often come from a place where we just want peace and love. A lot of people who are commenting on this topic are saying that women were forced to wear clothing like this. So I believe that some of them are coming from a place of love. Which shows they aren’t around many Muslim women who wants to wear a certain way FROM personal, religious reasons. When it’s Nuns, it’s devotion. When it’s Hijabis, it’s oppression. But that’s the way people were conditioned, and I DO have friends who were forced to wear hijabs by their parents. Doesn’t mean all hijabis, like myself, were forced to wear it.

If I don’t like the rules of a certain country, I might as well try leaving. BUT I also believe in peaceful protests**. So far I haven’t heard of any kind of public-protests from Muslim women in France. If they want this change, they have to peacefully protest (although, wearing a burqini and minding your own business can count as a peaceful protest- but you have to get the message across in groups). If not, leave. I KNOW I seem very anti-liberal here.

It hurts me to write FOR such ridiculous laws, but really, we can’t have people hate Muslims any more than a lot already do. It is horrendous to make someone take off a wet-suit like clothing just because…..well, just because. I know that. But that’s the law they made and that’s how we should be taking it- if not- protest in groups. If not that either, leave the country.

People already have many different thoughts on Muslims, and I feel like writing messages about how anti-Muslim it is (which it is, not saying it isn’t) instead of doing something about it is just going to cause more hate. I think the best option, if anyone can’t deal with such a law, is to leave. Leave countries where you can’t cover yourself wearing a certain clothing *bangs head on table*

All the things I said were my thoughts for people who TRAVELED to France from their hometown for better opportunities. You ARE here because you feel like you have more opportunities here. If not, then make a group to protest or leave.

My thoughts for those who already live in France is to simply speak out in protests. I know I sound silly. I am talking about public protests instead of protesting online, what’s the difference? I feel like public protests gets across much better, while WRITING ONLINE about it just allows people to hide behind a keyboard and just spew hate. My head’s going to hurt if I keep contradicting myself, lol.

**And now I feel OCD (I am not joking, I do have OCD) because if any protest does occur and women get taken away in jails (or worse), I will feel like I caused this whole thing. Because I am so important and so famous to make spark a movement.Now that I am worrying, DON’T PROTEST if it’s only going to cause you trouble. Wow. Basically, this post was for nothing.

Well…..except for to say that I really don’t want more hate towards Muslims. THAT is the biggest reason why I wrote this post. I hate seeing this hate towards Muslims, which is why I am saying, I think we should just leave if a country can’t accept that. I wish this post had a solid point, but I feel being pulled into two directions in my opinion- because I don’t want there to be more hate than there already is.

27 thoughts on “Thoughts on Burqini

  1. Wendy says:

    like Perfectpanicky, I have yet to meet a person in real life who admits to like Trump, but I have seem many on Facebook. I shouldn’t say they like Trump they just will not vote Democrat. They are so caught up on the party he is running under they can’t see what he will do to it. It’s ridiculous. and I’m scared that he has gotten so far. How did this happen? I NEVER thought it would. There is so much hate, so much fear, people are jumping on his band wagon because he preaches to the hate and the fear. We don’t need to propagate this.
    There are many Americans who hate Muslims just because they are Muslim. They can’t see that there are Muslims who are not terrorist. It’s crazy. We’ve had terrorism for a long time before they called it that, and we’ve had many regular every day people commit horrible crimes, but it feeds fear and hate to bash the Muslims. It sells news. People who hate and fear want to read about this stuff, they want to see it on TV.
    You are thinking a peaceful solution. I wish more people would think about things that way.
    Thank you for talking about peace.
    I’ve thought about moving to a different country, it isn’t so easy. So we are stuck in the US. It’s not such a bad place, but I’m not very proud of it either.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Hillary put it best, to put country before party- but a lot of people seem to be very into the conservative zone as I am seeing the polls for Trump. I’ve had one blogger accuse me for horrible things BUT he only said it to me through a private email instead of directly in the comments-section- I think he knows how bad it looks to point at Muslims this way.

      Thank you for that! Compliments on my personality are the best ones there is. Hugs

  2. Heartafire says:

    I don’t understand the reasoning behind a law regarding what one is wearing. I realize the French are having a difficult time now dealing with terrorism as we all are but they seem to have been singled out, I suppose that has prompted this a knee jerk reaction.

  3. miusho says:

    I don’t find a burqini insulting or oppressive.. I wouldn’t go to the beach in nothing but a bathing suit either, I prefer people not staring at my naked skin. People should be allowed to wear what they want. And yes, some women are forced to wear a hijabi but, a lot of them aren’t. And some women are forced to dress in barely anything, others are not. There’s always 2 sides on every story and people tend to pick the side they like the most and matches their personal views.

    It’s always a double standard somehow and it’s stupid.

    “Freedom of speech!” except when your views don’t match mine because then you’re insulting / oppressing / bullying me! – is how I see this entire “freedom of speech” issue as a European citizen. :/

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Yeay! Thank you 😀 I am glad someone relates at least on a personal level. And that’s an awesome comparison you used. I haven’t thought of that before! You are an awesome European xxx (hehe), one of the best. I haven’t told you this before, but you’ve inspired me to be more open to more narratives of a situation. The posts you write and the things you say, they all inspire me. And I think about what you say every frickin’ day and try to embrace more and more differences, it felt like it was a part of me that I wanted to reject because everyone around me were so sure of themselves and so quick to form judgments, it made me feel a bit like an outcast and I tried to blend in. But the things you say make me accept that ‘and’ part of me that adds more to a situation 😮 :)))) xxxx

      • miusho says:

        You give me too much credit, Mon. 😛

        I do strive to always try to see all sides of everything.. Even the thing with France… it’s easy to say they’re a bunch of idiots but you’d have to realise what they’ve gone through as a country, recently and history wise (also, sometimes people can be blatant idiots who don’t think things through).. France also has this thing (some law) where religious signs / religions are left at home (maybe it changed). You can’t compare Italian nuns to French muslims so perhaps those cops were a bit overeager in their attempt to make people feel safe? Or they applied a “no exceptions” rule? Each country in Europe has different laws and treats religion different as well. … I’ma have to stop or I’ll write an entire thesis on this. -_-

        Let me tell you that embracing all my weirdness and accepting I’m just being me which makes me who I am made me feel much better and a lot less anxious. You can never make everyone happy and being able to relate to both sides is a great feat.. It can always help others to realise there’s more to a story then what they’re being fed by the media. :O

        Tried to blend in.. Didn’t work out so well, you end up forgetting who you are.. and then you get lost. :/

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Yes. I can have this trouble because of past relationships with other people online and I quickly use that to make quick judgments of people. I wish I wasn’t like this, but it’s hard. I tried to look from the perspective of one Trump supperter. Back when Trump would be all, ‘ a complete shudown on Muslims’, he didnt have a problem with it, but he has a problem with Trump not being allowed into the UK because he supports him. It hurts, and I feel like I am using my experience with online users to view everyone that way. It’s hard when it becomes personal. I saw things his way (mostly) but he accused me of supporting som horrible things because I didn’t agree with islamophobia. But I guess I am doing the same thing they are, which is judging a whole group for the bag eggs

      • miusho says:

        Eh.. People judge all the time, it’s not something you can turn off. It’s more of a natural trait..
        And when I read about trump.. Just reading about him makes me feel stupid. I haven’t even heard him yet, the thought just makes me ill.
        You don’t have to share peoples opinions on something, you tried to see their side, it didn’t work, the end. If he accuses you of something like that while you make the effort to see his side then I guess it’s no use in trying to keep the conversation up.

        Also. You only see the bad eggs on tv and there’s a whole lot of them. People are sheep. They’ll sometimes believe anything as long as you make it sound pretty.

      • Mon says:

        Yeah, these past month I’ve been so conscious of confirmation bias, just because I was so mad at the guy who starts accusing me because I don’t like Trump :I Not like I accuse people, but I do form quick judgments, and ever since my interaction with him- I’ve been more aware than ever about how close I come to his black-and-white form of thinking :I So I guess some good came out of it lol. Yeah, idiot me wasn’t willing to acknowledge that I tried to see his side even though I thought I could still be friends with him when he didn’t disagree with Trump’s ‘ban Muslims’ policy- it should’ve struck something in my dumb mind just then lol. You can’t be friends with someone who believes in putting walls between you, believe me, it was quite the lesson for me. And yeah, cable news now seems like it’s for people who don’t have time to read from different, different sources until they get at least 60% close to the truth. (Edit: not lazy, but don’t have time for it)

      • miusho says:

        It’s not dumb.. You just seem to want to see the good in others and sometimes it backfires. Sadly enough..

        I read the news online to see what crap they come up with.. different sites give different stories and opinions. Just don’t believe all of it.

        Don’t worry about losing friends.. if they cannot accept others having different opinions then they are not worth your time.


      • Mon ☠ says:

        Yeah. It does. And I am glad you’re able to see it that way. The one good thing that came off of the Donald is that people are finding more bias in media, in my opinion. And learning that not every source….is really THE SOURCE.

        I do have to learn that. It shakes me up to the core if someone thinks I have ill-intentions. Which is why when others share their opinion, I always tend to assume positive intent, because I’d want others to do that onto me when I speak. But I guess everyone doesn’t think in terms of intent and just what’s their definition of right and wrong. After all his words judging on my people that I accepted, I just can’t believe he would just ‘launch’ his hate for my opinions. Sadly, I’ve become slightly more like him ever since. Judging people from his country and his political leanings quickly based on the interactions I’ve had with him. *hugs back*

  4. perfectpanicky says:

    I heard the story on the radio this morning, and my knee-jerk American reaction was “People should be able to wear whatever they want.” This isn’t a comment on whether one should or should not obey and/or protest unfair laws in whatever country they live in. Just my first thought.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      That IS the American reaction (although, I think reaction like that will become less and less American with the coming elections). I do agree, I just feel like if people are making big waves around this instead of compassionately dealing with this, it’s only going to spew more hate. I am already decided that I won’t ever go to America because of how divided it is, which is why I just feel like a different approach needs to be taken to deal with people who want to divide Muslims. A more peaceful way then just writing about how awful France is

      • perfectpanicky says:

        Yeah….I think most Americans culturally value freedom of the individual over social unity–wear whatever you want! Unfortunately, there is a xenophobic mental virus that puts a damper on our characteristic.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Dude, now I am perfectly panicky :3 I feel scared of America because of how far Trump came. I know that all of them aren’t like this one Trump supporter who said a lot of mean things to me, but I still wonder how many of these people are there *hides under a Burqini*

      • Mon ☠ says:

        I think they might be hiding 😮 I had one trump supporter reply to my post in email instead of in the comments-section directly, it showed he didn’t want people to know that he is a blogger who likes him.

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