Once upon a time, almost a year ago. ROB nominated me to do a free-writing challenge. It’s a challenge where I dump thoughts on this post and leave the words as they are, WITHOUT EDITING. This post is the reason why I have to edit, just how random my train of thought is and how many mistakes I make.And I DO like talking! (You’ll know why I randomly said that when you finish reading the post) Just when it’s with people I am close to or when the subject of conversations is around topics I am passionate about, I just can’t bring myself to talk just about anything.  I can’t make any sense if I don’t edit my horrifying grammar. I feel so weak and vulnerable. Here I go-

I made a mistake on the first try, so this is my second attempt. Not on the first try. Well, actually on the first try. More like in the first likne. I mean ‘line’. Boomchicaboom. Boom-Chicka-Maro. Maro-chica-maro-re.

The song basically says to kill rats. ‘Chica” means “rats” in my country, not girls/ DSSo….I mean so the song isn’t telling you to kill your girl-friends, lol. It says, “In the morning, in the afternoon, kill them rats. kill them rats”. I don’t know how who I mean, actually cqame…I mean came up with this song. They were probably infested with rats. It’s a real song. Here’s the link to the original song: LINK. It should be added to the wierd side of youtube. “maro chica maro re…maro chica maro ree….”

The main reason I  am writing this post bis….is because I feel like I am losing my self. Myself. Well, I don’t mean starting a post on a topic like that ranodomly, but I mean that I’ev been writing less and less……..personally since my IAL’s tests. It’s gonnna be a whole year of torture. Educational torture. “Maro education, maro re” ugh, no point to singing, education is always lurking around me, jumping at me from time to time. Lurking it’s ugly educational head. No that doesn’t make sense. I mean…ji….hiding it’s ugly educational head. Hiding, no wait, what’s the difference between this and ‘lurking’? Not much.Maro Mon maro ree…..amar mon-reeee maroo ree…..I am becoming quite……

Noooo. HMosquitoes are biting me. At least I am not those lost refugee-kids, like those kids who lost their parents there in Aleppo have serious mosquito bites and it’s worrying, they say that all night is spent on scratihing their bodies. BPoor things don’t have mosqueto nets, but how would you fix a mosquito net outside? there’s been so many terrible news of late. I’ll be reading less news from now on, just so I can focus more on studying. Whether I read the news or not, my reading isn’t doing any change.

Yesterday I straight out said to a girl that I didn’t like talking. NO! I wasn’t trying to be mean! I LITERALLY thought she would get it because she is very quiet too, and I thought we would silently relate on being introverts. But she was surprised and just went, “Waaaaa,, don’t you like talking?” Anti-social freak I am, I nerviously replied, “No”.



2 thoughts on “Free-writing

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I do this exercise a lot. Sometimes it’s thought-provoking to see how innocently your mind forms connections, and then sometimes it creeps you out. It’s still a great practice and I recommend it.

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