The Trolls happened

I recently wrote a tweet saying I thought it was racist of Blake Shelton to presume that someone who was speaking in a foreign language was aĀ  “dickhead’ to who needed to “speak English” so that he knew what “he was planning to bomb”. And then the kids, the unsupervised kids online, the kids happened >_< (I am Mon, @Mon_Blogs_Life by the way)

Troll 1.png

I don’t want to give any of these people any sort of publicity (no such thing as bad publicity) so I censored their names. One guy said it in a condescending tone that my “safe-space” was violated (while not being able to ignore my tweet on Shelton :o) If calling out on racism is safe-space violation, call me the Safe-Space-Violation….er? No, that sounds very wrong.

Anotha one!

Troll 2.png

I was talking about the part where Blake said that since the Dems attacked the republicans (which happened both ways in the past, repubs to dems and demb to repubs), and then commenting “tell me, who were the crazy ones here?” Shows that he made an overgeneralization on the part of democrats. Blake also praised Trump in the past on his ability to speak his mind like he could.

Anyway, under my response, a person responded that “haters have nothing better to do” while at the same time she previously told me “manned up and apologized”. AFTER which she favorited a post by someone who was part of a White-supremacist group, this person who told me, “Not ONE phrase was racist, grow up!” As shown below-

Troll 4.png

@abossytalks spoke out against this person.

Troll 3.png

This same person has sent me multiple tweets, spamming up twitter because my one tweet expressing my opinion on Blake…..went against her cult-like worship of the celebrity >_< I say cult-like because it IS cult-like worship when you’re just spamming hate on the other person šŸ˜® Anyhow, I told her to stop, saying that she was sending in too many tweets and jamming up my notifications, to which she replied, “Not enough if you’re still whining about BS” Who’s to say, “Still”? And BS as in Blake Shelton or Bull-Shit?

Troll 5.png

My one post on “whining” and her spamming my twitter. She told me my one response to her multiple tweets was wasting her time.

Troll 6.png

I DID not respond to her anymore because I didn’t want any more tweets coming from her >_<

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21 thoughts on “The Trolls happened

    • Mon ā˜  says:

      LOL, they are good practice!

      And they’re most certainly kids. I’ve realized the first guy is trolling everyone who disagrees with Blake Shelton’s joke šŸ˜® He even told one person, “You should learn to respect those who don’t share your beliefs”. It’s trolling on a new level lol He still tweets to me but I muted him on twitter *dances*

      • me says:

        LOL yeah I get a few trolls on my activist news feed, but not quite that twatty! I suppose you’d get to figure out who and what they are … so a huge Blake Shelton fan was he LOL … I wasn’t a big fan of his in the first place, but now!! … thanks for the update on some of his obvious racist core beliefs!

  1. davekingsbury says:

    It’s a toxic environment out there. I would love to develop a philosophy that ministers to the hatred and spreads a love of earthly life but I guess that’s just pie in the sky …

  2. afternoonofsundries says:

    I had to reregister to vote recently and when asked which party… I automatically said “Unaffiliated,” because I am so disheartened with this upcoming election. Sorry people believe they can have opinions and engage in witty banter but no one else can- it’s an entitlement disease most of us USA Citizens seem to have šŸ˜ž

    • Mon ā˜  says:

      That’s good to say, people might clutch at you and steal all your silver (we’re going back to the old times again). Thank you, although these people who responded to me contradicted themselves in certain ways!

    • Mon ā˜  says:

      I am not coming to live in America, no way hosay. Nor coming to Britain. After some negative experience with Trump supporters, I think keeping my ass banned from those countries is pretty smart for me. >_<

      But I sound like a local? You mean in a good way, right? xD Is it because I speak more formally with trolls? xD

      • šŸŒ 'M.' šŸŒ says:

        you’d feel right at home here, maybe. ^ ^ even if trump gets elected, there does exist a long standing system of governmental checks and balances to ensure he doesn’t do too much damage. šŸ˜€

        would you like to stay in bangladesh, or maybe move elsewhere? at least you should come visit me sometime. šŸ˜‰ of course it’s in a good way! lol

      • Mon ā˜  says:

        The government stop Trump? He’ll nuke em :3

        But aww, thank you, yall make me have hope that America is great hahaha No, I don’t want to live in my country- anything to get out of this country lol I initially wanted to move to US but after Trump happened, I decided on Britain. After Brexit happened, I am deciding on Canada. And I try to convince my relatives not to go to the US or UK lol But I might come, I don’t know šŸ˜® So many of you live in the US and I want to go there, it’s been a dream for so long šŸ˜„

      • Mon ā˜  says:

        Yeah! It’s the only working democrasy…..with a democrasy that works. Canada doesn’t have such a crude relationship with other countries either. And Canada bans fox-news from the country- all the more reasons to go!

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