Monday Productivity

Yes, I was late with this post. Today is Tuesday *mad pouting*

Got some inspirational tweets there. Now it’s time for how (cough) well I did this week! I give myself a 20% this week.

Anyway (lol), this week’s task is to follow my intuition…..for friggin’ 4 hours a day (what kind of a goal is that!?). Because I am too lazy to act on my intuition even. And a lot of times, I would save myself from a lot of mess and get a lot done if I just listened to myself. Anywhoo, that’s all and here’s one last tweet for y’all

Did you make plans last week? How did the previous week go? What are your plans for this week?

(P.S The whole monthly spreadsheet will be coming soon, if I listened to my intuition, it would’ve come sooner)


2 thoughts on “Monday Productivity

  1. Izrael says:

    I just went camping last week where I had no cell phone service. It was great to just relax with nature and appreciating it with my love ones. We definitely had a great time there!

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