First Impressions…

I’ve decided to make a post in response to the last comment, where you raised an interesting point on how Muslim countries can deal with diversity. The first four paras are what I’ve already written to you, so you can skip them. Ever since I saw this tweet, I wanted to write a post on this, and I thought I would take the opportunity here.

A couple things I want to point out first-

a) I would most probably be the kind of person who wants to go to a cinema AND not want to miss the prayers. Like that lady, obviously. In our religion, you pray TO the God, you don’t pray for attention- that itself is spoken against of. You don’t ‘flaunt’ your deeds.

b) This woman is sitting in a corner praying, and in my belief, because the time was running out to go to her house and THEN pray and by then the required time to do the salat will have ended. Which, if I were at a cinema and late to go home, something I WOULD probably do.

c) My father once prayed on a moving bus with an extremely congested seat where he couldn’t comfortable place his legs, but he prayed through because he was getting late to go home where he could’ve prayed alone. He had to bend in an uncomfortable way, sitting right beside me, and pray because that’s all he could do then before time for salat ran out. Our family had to pray multiple times in public just because time was running out for the prayer-time to be over.

d)Cleanness in salat is very important. Notice that she sat on a chair instead of on the ground, so it showed that she needed a clean space to be able to pray (not to mention, all the other parts of salats that involve putting your head to the ground). It’s in Canada, so it’s obliviously not a place where there are prayer rooms, it being a secular country.

Alright, now that I got those our of the way.

I believe people from every religion should be able to pray whenever they want- because…..they’re just praying. It doesn’t have to do with you or me. And not every country can accept public prayers. I doubt that anyone from other religions would be able to freely pray in a strictly Islamic state.

I just want to say-  I am not here to represent a group. And I believe a lot of my other Muslim brothers and sisters would agree that we are individuals with our individual qualities. We are here to represent ourselves, with our individual deeds. Not to show for a group. No one is responsible for anyone’s deeds but themselves, as spoken of in our religion itself.

I know that Canada is an awesome country, it’s the one hope I had after US had those two candidates. I know Canada pretty much rocks! And it’s for those reasons I want to go there because opportunities in countries like mine aren’t much. Anyhow…

And I do know this- When in Rome, do as the Romans. I would know this best in my own country where certain things, which are totally fine in other countries, are not okay here. Does not mean I agree that people shouldn’t be allowed to be themselves- my personal value is that as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with me, let them be.

But the main point of this post is, what one group from a faith does- isn’t a reflection of the entire faith. The man in the tweet was pointing and going, “Oh, look. An immodest flaunter, we have!” It seems like over-generalization is his thing, AND that’s fine with me, as long as you don’t inflict on my rights. As with praying as long as it isn’t going against with others’ rights. Again, that’s my thoughts. And what other leaders do isn’t a reflection of me or many other Muslims.

Well, I think that’s basically it. I know, I wanted to end this post really nicely, but that’s all I could do 😥

Other than the whole, “I ain’t no one’s likeness, I am too good and uniquely fresh, you know you want to be a Mon like me” (Joking! About the last bit) I was just wondering how easily it could’ve been me or my own mother that was praying there. And then this stranger with a video-camera would record and make such big statements. All I’ve learnt from that video is, even if I can’t find a prayer room or a quiet place to pray in Canada- if I sit quietly in a corner and do pray, it’s not going to be okay (in such an advanced country, which is kind of a shame…….please don’t judge me! I am nice!)

When in Rome, do as the Romans. And now that I learnt this, I now KNOW I can’t do it. That’s fine. But these rules should be spoken of in that country, made more clear of- people should do something about it. Instead of judging on a women sitting knees bent on a bench. The man who tweeted that video has a lot of followers. More than me! It’s sad, I am more fun and less not-fun than that guy. It’s not fair. I am less judgy on first meeting with people. Karma shouldn’t ignore m, that bastard karma.

I hope you got the answer from this lone-y. You are quite right in your statement that Muslim countries are much stricter. I won’t disagree, I know it so well! But the main point being- no group- whether it does good or bad- does not reflect how good or bad I am. I really wanted to say something in response to the guy who was spreading such negativity- that Tarek guy on twitter- you’re a mean one Mister…..I know the me also being someone who can trust the media without doing research, but really……you know, we’re all individuals. I am an individual, what I do doesn’t reflect anyone other than myself.

I was very scared of posting this because…you know…politics and stuff. But please no mean comments, I honestly cry over things people say to me online (I am dead *sniff* serious!)- don’t go breakin’ my heart; you could if you tried.


25 thoughts on “First Impressions…

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    it must be tough to pray at fixed times, we too have two times- dusk and dawn you most probably know, but we Hindus have stretched them as long as we can! When I commuted from Burdwan to Kolkata I used to offer my dusk ;p prayers at 11:30 in night, after returning home, taking bath!

    Dawn prayer is performed at ten on on some sunday mornings. But I had to pray twice to make myself happy.

    Maybe, you guys should slowly make things a little lenient for yourself?

    • Mon ☠ says:

      It’s actually obligatory to pray five times 😮 BUT if you only pray the obligatory salat-part, it can take only 5-10 minutes :)) It’s not really that long and you get used to it. Although I am not really familair with how Hindus do it 😮 I didn’t know you had such long prayer times!

  2. melpenguin says:

    How do you even manage to remember to pray 4 times a day if it’s a strict time window you gotta do it? 😮 I can barely manage to remember to meditate once a day lol

  3. lonefreethinkers says:

    Oh my …gosh ! You had to really blow this stuff up. We can keep on going back n forth about this issue, perhaps a long conversation needs to happen someday. Just because I use a tweet doesn’t mean I agree with everything that person says, I have expressed my ‘opinion’ about this, and so have you, and I respect your ‘opinion’, and we have to agree to disagree !

    • Mon ☠ says:

      No, I didn’t mean to attack😮 Ever since I saw that tweet, I wanted to write a response to Tareq’s tweet. And since you brought up an important point in your last comment, I decided to write all these up in a post to organize all my opinions into one post- for clarity. I agreed with you that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And I agreed that Islamic countries can be very strict. What I mentioned in this post is showing my qualities😮

      I understand you expressed your opinion. I understand that just because one thing someone says corresponds with a belief, doesn’t mean you agree with everything that person says. I did mention that even though the guy had a lot of followers, it didn’t mean that his comments were a reflection of all Muslims who pray in public, like we do.

      I had ZERO intention of hurting you or of saying that you were completely wrong and that I was right.The purpose of this post is to show more narratives to what the women might be doing besides what the tweet said. And I’ve used my subjective, personal experience to answer. I wasn’t saying I was right!😮 These, too, are my opinions, just like you expressed the opinions in your post, I don’t understand how you might feel like I blew this stuff up, when it was just a response from my own experiences

      I am going to say this again, I didn’t write with the intention of hurting anyone or saying, “You MUST agree with me,”😮 I didn’t initially had plans to comment on my own blog, my first plan was write separately on Tareq’s tweet to raise awareness of people who pray publicly. But after you brought up a very valid point- on the Islamic states being strict, I decided that that itself needed to be addressed. And that I could comment with a whole post too, just to make my points clear. “Make my points clear,” not “make you agree,” you can understand the thoughts I have around it, but it doesn’t mean you have to agree with it. This was in no way meant to be an attack. I hope this cleared up

    • Mon ☠ says:

      P.S I knew of this guy before, although I didn’t know that he tweeted against things like this. But just because he himself is a Muslim, it doesn’t really mean he understands everything about the culture, in my opinion. Again, I am just trying to say that I didn’t have any intention of appearing like, “you gotta agree with me”, I was giving alternative narratives for what I myself thought happened. And these are opinions too. I am not asking anyone to agree with my opinions, just like I would expect others to show me the same cutesy. It was my opinion in this post to say that I didn’t agree with the information this Muslim man was trying to spreading about our people, whilst adding the dilemma of strict rules that Islamic states can put on people which you brought up,- all coming to the conclusion for me to say that one group’s action doesn’t say everyone who prays in public is like said group. Telling of incidences where me myself and our family have to pray in public too. Again, my narratives. People can accept them or not, it’s totally upto them. Everyone is unique with their own opinions and I can’t learn everything just from reading someone’s comments until I have a long conversation with them. Agreed.

  4. koolaidmoms says:

    I guess I am missing his issue. If it had been a Christian woman sitting there praying with her arms stretched up toward heaven would he have done or said the same thing? If she had a rosary or prayer shawl would he have been just as upset? She is praying.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I know, right? Just let her be. I just wonder how it could’ve been me had I been at the “opportune” time and place :I I’d be on the internet forever for minding my own business on a bench!

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