Personal Politics

Because I have no idea for a topic and I’ve become less and less………should I say ‘personalized’? Yeay, it actually means what I think it means! (Just searched it). I am listening to a podcast and I was just about to write on politics again and I stopped. No! If politics was a school-subject, then I wouldn’t be so interested in it anymore.

I used to write such abstract things about myself. Nothing quite specific. Just fire off immediate, random thoughts and then….edit all the very, very weird parts out. In my blog, that is. And now I’ve become so invested in politics of other worlds, especially India, US, Russia, Turkey and Syria. Especially Syria. And I used to save so many pictures in my drafts to share on my blog. And just look at who I’ve become because this is the picture I have in my drafts-

The face I did when I saw the picture of the face he did in my drafts. Image- REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

And I’ve decided to just get out of discussing politics as much as possible with other bloggers. Because it sucks when you’re being accused of believing in whatever you actually believe is wrong that THEY’RE accusing you of (Quite simple, right?). When they’re saying that it’s just your confirmation-bias when it’s you who think more of what the other person says then they do about your thoughts. When it’s you who end up crying a couple times, some things people can say because you prefer Hillary over Trump.

It’s silly because even this morning I was so anxious over what this person might think of my intentions, after the things they said. I don’t often see things in terms of ‘debates’ but on whether the other person knows I have GOOD intentions. And when I feel like someone suspects my intention, it shakes me up. It’s the reason why I apolozise to Mom when I don’t even agree with her just so she doesn’t get angry. I KNOW. I am a codependent whatever, I knew that since a long time ago :p

Anyway, there I was worrying about what they could think…….and then I see them posting such silly-happy posts on the same day after we had that discussions. And I was there being so serious about it all, but……do they forget or something? Do they not remember the serious things they said to me?

Or was I being overly serious? Because I f*cikng cried, is the cry-baby I am! And I see them being so cheery and I am like…

Dude, I have an anxiety disorder, I won’t talk about this anymore because… Whatever, I shouldn’t talk politics with ANYONE unless they’re in front of me because……when someone’s in FRONT of you, they’re much more likely to be less accusation-al.

And I have maths exams tomorrow and I am listening to a podcast where the people are talking about STDs. I don’t have my life together at all. Anyway, how is your life going? lol

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15 thoughts on “Personal Politics

  1. mike says:

    I like to learn from other. I like to have them change my mind with facts and reasoning. You’ve done just that. From now on I’ll never mix politics and std’s. It’s just not worth it.

    Mon, you’re intellectually entertaining, never change that 🙂

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Yes, politics and stds, even though synonymous, are the worst mix when you’re considering their elections. Oh wow, thanks!!!!!!! ::::DDDDDDEDDd Heehee, and thanks so much for the likes on my other blog xxx

  2. Jim says:

    it’s esy to be brave when they’re hiding behind a nameless avatar and from behind a keyboard. I’d consider the source and move n. you’re fine in my book. 😉

  3. perfectpanicky says:

    I once went into a self-loathing/self-injury spiral so seriously I actually got counseling (usually I just write, I don’t actually get counseling) because I said online that someone should stop abusing her kid, and that forum BLEW UP defending the abuser. And they also accused me of threatening to have her kid taken away from her, which I never did and never had any intention of doing.

    Ironically, my parents were of the opinion that her kid SHOULD be taken away from her, which sort of makes me laugh. “Anyone who’s more abusive than we are doesn’t deserve to be a parent!”

    Anyway. I’m sorry it’s been hard for you. It’s okay to take a break from the Internet to clear your head for a few days if it helps. Hugs.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      That sounds HORRIBLE. You were speaking up for someone and they made such a huge mess over it 😦 I am so sorry for what happened, I am sorry, self-injuries, I am sorry you went through that xxx Hugs

  4. The V Pub says:

    There are a lot of keyboard warriors out there whose courage is proportionate to their anonymity. I try not to get involved in political discussions for a myriad of reasons. First of all, when someone doesn’t research both sides of an issue – that’s a biggie for me. They seek out information that conforms to their ideological belief and that’s as far as they go. Another, is that they lack historical perspective. They don’t take the time to see how things have developed or what the influences are. In politics, one cannot view things in a vacuum. So far, I have unfollowed one blog, as the blogger got quite angered, and somewhat personal during the discussion. That helps no one. In the meantime, I’ve retreated to music and silliness.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Yeah. Though I wasn’t sure whether this person was very serious about. I wouldn’t be posting happy-stuff right after I accuse someone of something horrible.

      And you’re right about that. I am learning more and more about how the media doesn’t want us to make our own decisions. Some things from both sides I am not hearing because I am not viewing enough sources (I am going to be subscribing to more Republican sites know to get the missing bits). There were some things this person was able to tell me that I didn’t know, but accusing doesn’t help others to be generous to your point of view 😦 I am going to try to turn things around to silliness again from now on online

      • The V Pub says:

        Don’t let it get to you, Mon. I used to get into some drag down arguments online and realized that it wasn’t worth it. I recall reading someone’s response on your blog about Bill O’Reilly being responsible for the death of someone. Although I find it ridiculous and wanted to respond, the person seemed quite convinced of it and there was no reason to squabble over it. I think that the real way to see things now, is to study history. A quote that is near and dear to me is “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” .

      • Mon ☠ says:

        I don’t know much about Bill O’ Reilly really. I don’t know the history of it all, haven’t researched it. But I do think sometimes nutjobs can get inspiration from whatever is being repeated over and over in the media (I am guilty of it, lol, although not to the extent of killing people for a cause! 😮 But I do need to deal with this “repetition” bias of mine, like all of a sudden believing what certain bloggers accuse me of after listening to similar things online), and thinking they are serving a cause by killing. I don’t know anything about the man who killed the women either. So far all I know is…well this all, with my micro experience of believing something over repetition. But so many narratives are possible and I have yet to learn more 😮

      • The V Pub says:

        I read the story of the man who killed John Lennon, and he said he got his motivation from reading The Catcher in the Rye. Are we to conclude that Salinger is responsible for Lennon’s death? Of course not! The KILLER is responsible and no one else. We live in an age where accountability is nill, and politics color the truth. People repeat the same lies over and over until they become ‘the truth’. From Orwell’s 1984: “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows” …in other words truth is freedom.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Oh no, I see what you mean there. But for me the thing was (and I still admit, I don’t know much about the Bill ‘O Reilly thing) that he took inspiration from an actual person who called the people ‘baby killers’. I don’t think Bill is responsible, but the event teaches that hate only breeds hate. The person who did the crime is 100% responsible for his own crime. Bill is not responsible, but which people are spreading these hate-messages are important to know about too. Fictional story is different from an actual person repeating hate.Do I think Bill should be locked up? Nope. Do I believe Bill should be careful with his words? Yes

      • Mon ☠ says:

        I didn’t know that, and I admit I don’t know much about him. He honestly seemed like a liberal to me at first because of the way he can ask point-in-cheek questions to republican guests on his show. That’s awesome his money goes to charity, and now we learn a lesson from the media too, and a tough one. I am not saying he’s responsible for the death. No one is responsible for what someone else does 😮

      • Mon ☠ says:

        I am not speaking against free-speech, again. They can say whatever they want. But it is of my opinion that when in public attention, we should be focusing less on hate, because of the message falling on ‘receptive ears’ if you will. It’s more on just personal ethics than it is about freedom of speech, both of which that I stand for, which is why I am neither saying that the man was free of blame because of Bill nor am I agreeing with the messages Bill is getting across.

        BTW, the commenter you talked of is pretty cool. You can have debate with him, he likes a good debate and has a very open mind. You can talk on this with him :)) He’s very intellectually curious

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