This is just me paraphrasing a lot of things written in THIS post by one of her fans.

At 0:08 on the bottom left of the video, you see a piece of page. Could this be written for her to read?

At 0:13- you hear a faint ‘Help. Me”

0:15- bottom left, you see someone pointing to how far she should bend to the left

0:28- She keeps looking at someone behind her at

1:08 She suddenly looks at the cameraman (in fear, as it seems) to give her direction. She looked as if she didn’t know where to go from there. She looks scared and then she smiles, as if directed to.

1:13 You see bruise-marks on her back

Something similar happened where she called for help but then she just said to ‘ignore’ it, could it be from her perpetrators?

I don’t know, I mostly feel like she is being trafficked. There’s a wide range of information given here This Needs to be Said

There’s an image of a skymask we notice (as seen from This Needs to be Said), I tweeted about it

Could this all be true? I don’t know her, today is the first time, the video though is so chilling if you read the post I mentioned and related everything you said to whatever was happening in the video. I hope she is okay!


Please write! :'(

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