Monday Productivity

Last week’s task was pretty simple. Following my intuition. I did 30% okay, because I tell you, my intuition is running wild every moment and I don’t always feel like it’s right. Intuition can’t always be right either, unless you have a lot of relevant life-experience. Intuition is mainly subconscious feelings from your past experiences that relates to a present experience. This week I’ll do the same thing, I’ll also keep an intuition diary to see when I go right or wrong with my intuition.

How about you? What are your tasks for this week? How have you done with last week? (if you were there for last week)


7 thoughts on “Monday Productivity

  1. melpenguin says:

    I forgot what my tasks for last week were! I did my Toastmasters speech, whcih was one. I think there was something about cleaning and packing? I’ve done a bit of that, and giving away things we can’t take with us when we move. Still a lot to do but at least people do want the stuff we have. For this week, it’s more cleaning, more packing, and let’s say to finally rewrite my CV, even a first draft!

  2. Dizzy Chick says:

    last week, I don’t remember, but I think I posted about it late so who knows.
    this week, accomplish as much as I did last week around the house.
    be gentle with myself when I don’t live up to my expectations.

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