Claims made in ‘official’ websites without sources…..sourceless-ness.  Most YouTube commenters, Most Facebook commenter, Most news-commenters Most commenters without any sources to back up themselves. Dude no, I won’t listen to you.

Just annoyed from reading another political article. I have this weird mental-habit where I think that whatever I read is what everyone is reading……and that everyone is gullible enough to believe everything ‘official’ websites say! It’s rude to make huge, huge claims without setting the basis of said claims! RUDE!

Anyway, it’s been so long since I’ve written an update on my own life. At first I thought, “My LIFE!? Ha!” But then I just really wanted to talk to y’all. So much has happened. I feel like I recently made another mental-transition because I feel very confused again, and not anxiety-disorder-confused, because I can separate between normal-confusion and general-confusion (for now). I am getting abstract again, which means I am being real with you, LOL.


Okay, let me try to be less confusing. I feel like I am being accepting of a bigger part of life that I’ve rejected for so long. Not the part of life where I am like, “No! Why doesn’t life go my way all the time!” to “Oh, most things are going to go wrong” and wanting change. Back before, I would’ve been all, “Neh! New! If it ain’t my way, I ain’t trying anything”. And I realized that the more I am accepting of reality, the nicer I am to people as well. I am more compassionate to them because I am not stuck with limited narratives for why others do what they do. The more accepting I am, the more tolerating of others too.

Nowadays I am not too frightened with changing my thoughts. I used to think, “No, Mon! If you change to do x, y, and z, you will become so different! I want you to stay this way!” but now I am like, “Confusion is growth” (It’s my new motto now). I sound so calm right now, that’s probably because I am surprisingly less anxious today.  Maybe I’ll change again when my OCD blows up again. It does blow up but I can learn to manage it a lot now. And I think it is my OCD that taught me that mental-changes, even though it may not be what I expect, it usually leads me to something that’s more rewarding. I’ve realized that a lot of growth comes when I stop resisting to differences and just jump right it, whether it changes a part of myself that I like or not.

Oh abstraction. I hope you still somewhat got me.

Post inspired by Personality Hacker 🙂


12 thoughts on “Annoyances

  1. middle_class_adventurer says:

    You’re right. Life keeps changing and we have to change with it. You know how some people say ” I’m like this and I won’t change for the world”. They find life extremely hard. One has to be like a plant … stand out tall , stand for what you believe but bend during a storm only to stand back up again. This time much taller 🙂

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