Monday Productivity

First up, inspirational tweets I loved!

Last week’s tasks were:

  1. Read 5 pages of a book EVERY 2 hours (of your waking life, that is😀😀 :D)
  2. Clean one area of your house everyday. Please do it! You didn’t do it last week!
  3. Don’t trust the thoughts that tell you that being lazy is helping.

I am happy to say I did 80% good with #1 and #2 Yeay…I want to be a little more active in my life and…about the word ‘prefab’. Meaning ‘before you were fabulous’? I used to have no friends prefab. lol I used to write posts like this prefab AFTER I was prefab? Hey! That makes sense! When and after can mean the same thing because it’s already a ‘pre’. Genius.

This week, I won’t have the usual three-important-tasks 😮 I will have one resolution- try to work on the first thing your intuition tells you to do. This will be hard because my intuition often sounds like my mother.

Do you have any goal for the week? What are your plans for it? Tell me about it and review this week’s progress on the next Monday Productivity post!

I will end with this awesome fake-magazine cover created by Crayon, it’s so cool and I relate for my anxiety disorder



8 thoughts on “Monday Productivity

  1. Dizzy Chick says:

    Dear Spread the Love, when Mental Health is > then grades are better. <grades are often a sign of < Mental Health. You are right, we need to really work on these things.

    Mon, good job on your goals.

    My goals this week. 1 Relax as much as possible. 2 Do my stretching exercises. 3 Try to not get angry, especially over the little stuff. So far, numbers 1 and 2 I'm doing pretty good. Number 3 is out of the water. I have not succeeded there at all.

    You keep up the good work.

  2. melpenguin says:

    Have been on holiday so haven’t done this goal thingy. This week it’s 1) Do Toastmasters speech 10, 2) sort out what things to give away and what to keep, 3) start on cleaning. Almost moving out of York!

  3. willytyme says:

    I complete 66.6 of my goals, still can’t stay of the stupid computer, but I am one step closer to completing John Grisham.
    One Goal: Stop lying for a week, and I don’t mean being lazy. Everyday is April Fools day for me. This will be a Monumental accomplishment for me.

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