Monday Productivity!

You know how it goes. First with some tweets!

I did 40% of my tasks last week. And it’s good! I am using less computer and I studied yesterday……out of necessity because I had class today (hehe). Anyway, I ain’t giving up on being less lazy every week *big smiles*

Here are my tasks for this week-

  1. Read 5 pages of a book EVERY 2 hours (of your waking life, that is 😀 😀 :D)
  2. Clean one area of your house everyday. Please do it! You didn’t do it last week!
  3. Don’t trust the thoughts that tell you that being lazy is helping.


So. If you set goals last week, how well did you do with them? Rate yourself with a percentage 😮

And if you’re new or you want to continue the next week too, what are your tasks for next week? Reply in the comments and you can report back this week’s progress next Monday! C’mon! This is a good way to hold yourself accountable for your work, so you have more motivation to do them 🙂

If you stuck till the end, here’s another tweet for you! This tweet doesn’t get old.

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6 thoughts on “Monday Productivity!

  1. willytyme says:

    Oh Mon, I’m late an sorry, I forgot to log but I did cut down on video games, one of the three, the other two I couldn’t beat. My new three:
    1)Cut down on sweets……please help me!!!!
    2)Cut television down to at least four hours….video games doesn’t count.
    3)Read at least 20 pages in my John Grisham book! Should be easy.

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