Cringey Post


Islands rock, like keyboards, because they are lovely and important. Okay, I just thought of what the kid versions of me might say of this prompt…best she could come up with.

Island-mentality. NOT GUD. Not GUD at all.


I wanted to finish off over there. But I have to produce a little more genius than I already did

Okay, on island-mentality. It’s like- my island rocks! Rocks more than your island (and your filthy keyboards). Oh it’s hard to focus. Is-land. Was-land. Will-land. Would-land….Woodland. Forests. Green. Cows. Chickens. Domestic husbands.


The previous prompts used to be cool.Ugh. Iceland and Island. Iceland has ice. Island has sand. Brilliant classification.

I’ll find some random words and try to make up something. I haven’t done anything about the filthy, silent s-ed word yet. Silent ass. Singing donkey. Okay, I’ll focus now.

Alright, I used Text Finder and the first five random words I got are ‘ย glacial’ ‘ballerina’ ‘afterwards’ ‘useless’ and ‘beaten’.

I’ve beaten my head useless? Can that be a proper sentence? I’ll continue even if you say it’s wrong….I’ve beaten my head useless over a word that’s kinda like ‘Ice-land’ and have the glacial-stuff. Oh man. Global warming is causing glacial-flooding.. I am thinking of ice-skating. Maybe I will be a world-famous ice-skating ballerina and afterwards….I’ll stop global warming with ice-skating money?

Enough has been written. I rate this post a 66 out of 2. I am so sorry, you can now never get the time back, the time you spent reading my post.

You won’t believe I am 20 years old anymore.

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