Felt Lazy. Drew. And Ranted


but I really need to work on my schedule. And I haven’t been reading many articles that don’t reflect my point of view, which is kind of sad. I have to be able to read things. I’ll watch Fox News later. But anyway, for the time being to entertain you guys, I drew up this using MS-word, I had fun doing it


I am becoming so controversial, is it a part of becoming millennial? I hated adults who would talk about politics.

I’ve had long passions and dreams to work in the US, ever since I was 10 years old. Now I am like

How could you, ‘Merica, how could you?

Oh well, America- You’re probably going to have one less neurotic-Asian without me. I’ve always loved you, I just don’t love your voting system, how stupid people gets elected, like Hillary and Trump. Although Hillary would be my option out of them too, but I am still afraid to follow her on twitter- I ain’t following no murderous people on social-media like those two. Hence the lack of US-politic follows on my twitter account. I wouldn’t vote any of those two even if I was a legal (hehe) US-citizen, because they’re both batshit-crazy and my conscience would kill me if I did.

US used to be such a huge dream of mine, but from a lot of things I read online, I just don’t think I will be treated as an equal there now that people so freely…..says stuff about people from certain religions, countries, etc.

And I’ve decided that if I ever go to any developed country, it has to be Canada…it used to be UK, but now Canada. I’ve learnt a lot of things about Canada today, and I love this country now! So much of that country’s values align with my own :3

On the bright side, look at the hair I drew on Trump!

‘Everybody loves me,’ is still my favorite quote by him. I hate him, but a part of me really likes him for his narcissism. Oh well, me and Mom both used to enjoy him tremendously back when he wasn’t as well-known, and was just the mean “You’re fired!” guy. But everything’s always in a state of change (dang it!) and we have to deal with the moment.

Some bloggers who I look upto- to be able to write like them, to be able to portray my thoughts like them….some bloggers…..I don’t know. I am not hating on them and I obviously wouldn’t want anyone hating on me for my political views, I did say that deep down, we all just want peace, we have different ways to get it. I don’t know, I try to be more accepting but….I don’t know. I don’t want to spread hatred. But I don’t….I don’t agree with Trump (as if the picture I drew didn’t say enough but that picture is a depiction of how I viewed Trump…except that… .I think my view of him is right, but then again, don’t we all think we’re right? :p Oh yeah and the ‘They’re thinking’ part I wrote because Trump says, “They’re thinking”, “Everyone’s thinking”, etc a lotΒ  ) At the end, we’re all just filtering our reality our own way and just want to not be in conflict. And at the end I want to move to Canada.

Alright just to slightly neutralize this post, yes. I know Hillary is a liar. You can even see it in her body image (at least I can). The way she feigns compassion when she talks about issues. But anyway, I am not on anyone’s team, I am just further from Team-Trump than Team-Hillary. And more for Team-Actually-Get-Some-People-Money-To-Be-Nominees-for-Presidency-and-Not-the-rich-bastards-or-the-secreteries-of-state-with-the-dreamy-eyed-husbands.

P.S. It IS ‘bigly’. Not ‘big league’, that would sound confusing with the line say if you used ‘big league”.


Β Don’t share/replicate my drawing. The Internet Copy-Right Demons will kill you!


6 thoughts on “Felt Lazy. Drew. And Ranted

  1. Bumba says:

    Learning about politics is important if you care about other people and about society. If we don’t participate we can’t complain about how the world is. It’s important to obtain accurate information. Fox News provides opinion, not info. nY Times is good. Cspan, pbs.

  2. πŸŽ‘ 'M.' πŸŽ‘ says:

    trumb looks cute πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    I don’t like either option; would rather vote for Bernie Sanders. :/ Hillary over Trump though since she has experience with foreign affairs as Sec’y of State, and… Trump is too much of a hothead. 😦 And it seems like she cares about people more than business, even if her campaign is funded by large corporations (really, can that be avoided?). Trump can sing and dance, but that doesn’t mean he’s qualified to give America advice… or try to represent me, for that matter.


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