Horrible freewriting

Here I am
Writing a poem
‘Poem’ kinda rhymes with ‘am’

No direction. Just writing.
Moms being naggy
I don’t wanna sleep just yet.

Dad’s worried about telling potential groom’s
That I stake pills for an anxiety disorder.
Mom and I are pissed off at his level of dishonesty.

Marriage, wow. I didn’t think this way.
I am so judgemental, want the guy my way.
From my culture but also hates living in this country. Where’s he?

But they won’t force me to wed, they know I myself am enough to scare the grooms away.

And now this is becoming less poems-y. There’s a word for this kind of poem, I forgot.  Whatever.

Hmm I need to fix this poem.

Look at me trying to be a smartass
Critiquing my own poem. Within a poem. I rock, Future Husband. I just do. Just see the bard that I am. Ugh. I sound terrible but

Again my attempt at the poem
This free-writing, braindumping poem
The mosquito-net needs to be fixed.
I needs my sleeps.


12 thoughts on “Horrible freewriting

  1. willytyme says:

    hey lovely, yu r 2 cute and so sporadic……..like me sometimes. I a free verse poem and feelings doesn’t have to rhyme as u just spilled some of yours. I can always count on you if I want to learn something new.

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