Monthly DDDC Spreadsheet

Monthly Progress.png

I read the posts and I made some maths calculations as to how many boxes will be marked for progress based on how we did with all 3 of the tasks :)) So obviously, the readers did way better than me hehe. I will update later when I get Willy’s update. But for now, here are the participants who wrote back about their progress-




Me lol

The first month’s work is done πŸ™‚ What are your top 3 tasks for next week? πŸ™‚ Anyone can join! I made the spreadsheet in the hope it would make us more motivated as we are being tracked :))


5 thoughts on “Monthly DDDC Spreadsheet

  1. melpenguin says:

    It’s been busy with holidays and leaving work so haven’t been taking part. Next week I’ll be in Finland, I suppose I can set 3 tasks: visit my godmother (mum’s driving us so it’ll be easy :P), make vegan dinner for family every night, and go see something interesting in Finland

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Those are great goals, Mel! I’ve always wanted to try vegan, I’ll start after I live on my own (and after I stop taking my horrible pills that doesn’t allow my to digest veggies without having meat :II)

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