Monday DDDC

Alright, how was your week? πŸ™‚ I did slightly better than the other week. I read a lot more and I used a lot less computer than I used to. I think I did like 65% okay πŸ™‚

How were you able to do last weeks tasks that you set for yourself? What percentage would you give yourself on this week’s performance?What are your 3 important tasks to get done by next week?

My tasks for this week:

  1. Don’t use computer before 7PM
  2. Study 25 minutes at 9:AM, 11:AM, 2:PM, 6:PM
  3. Journal everyday

Comment down below and tomorrow I will create the monthly spreedsheet of how everyone did :)))))



18 thoughts on “Monday DDDC

  1. willytyme says:

    Good job Mon, I have gotten one out three, I did study more and exercised. The other two unfortunately I failed. My new three is:
    I will attempt to cut my video game time to six hours a day, I have to trick my mind into knowing it is the okay.
    Hold my temper in check for the week which will be difficult because little this tend to bug me
    And the third is to dedicate to a better diet by eating more fruits and vegetables for the week.

    My new three for the week,

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I got yours in the spread-sheet. My progress went like yours in the first week, although it was worser in the next two weeks ha. But that’s good Willy, let’s keep trying! I need to remember this challenge is for progress and awareness, not perfection :))

  2. SunkenThought says:

    Well… For the most part I did manage my goals xD lets see… Only missed posting twice a day once, I managed to play 1hour of one of my favorite games each day, and I only forgot to put the kids up for their 1 hour of play twice xD Think I did pretty okay. I’d say I accomplished my goals this week about 80% of the time? same with last weeks!

  3. revengestar says:

    You are doing awsome!β•­(β™‘ο½₯γ…‚ο½₯)و Μ‘Μ‘
    I am still part (or should i say a survivor) of the 3-month transformation program. Hoping to continue next week at same pace.

      • revengestar says:

        aww that is so nice of you *blushes*

      • Mon ☠ says:

        You don’t know this, but sometimes I like your post and then unlike your post and then like, etc over and over because I feel like you’re going to take revenge on me (LOL!!!!!) Don’t worry about that, it’s just my OCD going nuts on me xDD

      • revengestar says:

        Feel free to play around in my blog, but i am not that observant. Also, my list with the 32 people has criminals inside and you are too cute to be put in there.

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