Some 5 facts About Me

Thanks to Anne for giving me the Dragon’s Loyalty Award! 🙂 Here are 5 facts about me

  1. I usually listen to videos at 1.5x speed. The one I am listening to now is Why domestic violence victims don’t leave as I write. “I never once thought of myself as a bettered wife”. Please, don’t make statements like, “Why didn’t he/she just leave?” when you aren’t the one giving them psychological comfort. And you wouldn’t be making such statements if you were. “Abuse thrives only in silence”- Leslie Morgan Steiner


  2. I hate that people dare label people bleeding at the hands of US-military as “refugees” in Syria, Philistine, Iraq, etc They aren’t “swarms of refugees” they are humans who are suffering for two things- their timing and place in life- both of which could’ve been ours. OURS. You’re ONLY not affected by having loud air-force flying over your homes, dropping bombs at whatever time, because of where you are. You wouldn’t be ‘another annoying refugee’, you would be a human suffering unfairly trying to save yourselves. Please, no more of the “swarms”-of-refugees-are-taking-over-our-developed-country-from-wars(…-we-started). See the picture of the fishes above this para


  3. The one thing I wish my Mother would do as I was a kid is not just ignore me whenever she wasn’t interested in what I was saying. And also actually talk with me about what I was saying (instead of ordering or saying, “Shh”). She still does this (not the “shushing’ part though lol), and I do the same with her now . I outright call her on it, “Ma, I don’t wanna hear that, it’s so boring”. lol But I felt like being ignored for your thoughts was something normal.
  4. I have loads of news-sites bookmarked which I visit daily. I can’t trust news from one side only because there’s always a spin on what they choose to share. Most news-networks are going to screw you up in being really uninformed, but at least we a get a bit of what’s happening.
  5. I am guilty of using words I don’t know the meanings of

Another meme I just wanted to share, children weren’t taught to see color :))))




15 thoughts on “Some 5 facts About Me

  1. antidoteupdates says:

    About the first one, that is actually a good idea for people in videos that speak very slowly or try to „make a lots of points with dramatic pauses“. 🙂
    And about the second one: yes they are refugees. Any person that is running away from the country because of a crisis is a refugee, but I’m sure you already know that.
    Instead of fighting for their place in this planet, they are leaving it and running away. Those people have the resources to stop the war if they wanted to, but instead, they choose to leave. Another thing: if someone choses to leave their country and live in another country, he/she/they should be able to accept that countries language, laws and regulations.
    Because of wars, my country opened the borders for refugees many times, but instead of refugees adjusting themselves to our ways of leaving, now we are forced to adjust everything else, making my country bilingual, changing a lot of laws in favor to those (used to be) refugees and in expense to our well being. Also, those (used to be) refugees started a war in my country, and people of my country were forced to defend it, resulting in many casualties.
    And now, my country is again impacted by refugees but now they are coming from another country.
    As much as I sympathize with those people, I can’t accept that there is nothing else that could be done. Especially because my country is in such a bad political and economical (and add every other kind of) crisis at this moment and can’t even deal with their own citizens, much less with refugees.
    To back up my comment, here is one of the reasons why my sympathy is now at lower level.

    Hope you have a good day.
    Regards, Antidote 🙂

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I live in a developing country just like Egypt, where Philistine is and Syria. Because we don’t have the massive amount of money to have huge millitary to defend ourselves from the West, England tried ot take over our country. Killed many, raped many, had slaves work for their crops and then not have much to feed themselves. I do not think in terms of “they’re abandoning their country”, I think in terms of, “what would I do if I were the Syrianss now?”. I am sitting here, with the privilegde of a safe country (for now) typing on my compueter to the internet. So I definitely have the slightest clue how much they are suffering travelling from their nation all the way to he safer zones, giving their life earnbings to hagglers because developed country can’t help them, drowning in the sea. I don’t want to think in terms of “my country” and “their country” because we only get the priviledge from our timing, place, where we were born, etc. So there’s the inequality factor. They are a poor developing nation who are having air-strikes droppped over their houses. In 2015, many many Syrians fled their homes just every 60 seconds. But I am curious to know what you mean by, “Those people have the resources to stop the war if they wanted to, but instead, they choose to leave”. Thank you, and I know I have a lot more to learn.

      • antidoteupdates says:

        By, “Those people have the resources to stop the war if they wanted to, but instead, they choose to leave” I mean that I’ve seen how they look, what they wear, what they have and I know for sure that they emptied a lot of ATM’s. There is a difference between them, but most of them have great possessions with them and look better that most of the people in my country. That, to me, does not strike me as people with low – developed businesses because if you can have that much, you sure can develop a strategy for better tomorrow for the country that you are leaving from.
        They are NOT looking for safe environment, but they are seeking asylum in well – developed countries. If they were looking for safe environment, they would have stopped in many countries that are considered as developing countries. Instead, they have said repeatedly that they don’t want to be in underdeveloped country, but their goal is going in well – developed EU countries. And frankly, with all the problems that EU is coming across, it is not able to accommodate them because they are coming in large groups. That is the problem with them.
        Media is very cruel thing. They are showing the world only the things that they choose to, and many times is a reason for problems. It is not how it’s shown in media.

        „I don’t want to think in terms of “my country” and “their country”“ I used to think the same, but as much as I don’t want to divide, I had to realize that one country does not have the same law as the other country and if you do something that is considered „a felony“ in the other country, you will be punished for that. That is the society that we are living in. As much as my open – minded thinking is set to „one is all and all is one“, the ones with money are dictating the „rules“. And if you brake them, you will be the one that will suffer. Not them, because for them – there are no rules.

        I am sorry about what happened to you country. I don’t like the word „hate“, but if I have to use it for something, that is for „I hate war“ and every consequence that is coming with a war.

        It is nice to have a good conversation with a person that is able to make a reasonable conversation, instead of being offended by anything (as seen on social media and todays people). 🙂

      • Mon ☠ says:

        You mean, people are only letting them in without knowing their status? I think I have to learn a little more about this. I’ve read some of them took luxury routes all the way to the EU, while others took long,dangerous boat journeys to be able to get there. I know EU have a treaty to take in refugees in Asylums. But are we totally informed about the refugee situation? I have a lot of questions. How much did the ones taking luxiry routes lost in the war? Did they think they would be allowed in that they spent all that money? How much lost their business through the war?

        What are the info on refugees treated like pigs in Hungary, etc developing, least developing countries, etc? (I’ll take these are the refugees who took the unsafe, safe path) The number of people forced to leave their homes reached 60 million people — more than any other time since World War II. I don’t believe all of them are rich, but much support are they getting?

        Why is that so many of the rich are getting here? I know that some took long boat journeys, etc to ger here. ButWhat percentage of the poor are in the borders? And why aren’t there rules for refugees after they live in the EU? Are they allowed to live illegally though crimes?

        My head is a little screwed right now, I thought all of the refugees were only the ones traveling long dangerous journeys for safety. I need to learn a little more about the economical position. Do you have any good site/s where I learn more of these from?

      • antidoteupdates says:

        I gather bits and pieces from many sites. I don’t limit myself only on few sites because, as we all know, media is eager to exaggerate everything. Most of the info that I get is from local media because when I read about it from some journalist that is on-the-scene for only 2-3 days, he/she tends to only sympathize and only express feelings (which I get, but that is not journalism). But it wont be much use to you because it’s on local language.

        I’ve seen it for myself. Last year, when EU still had the borders open for everyone, my country organized transportation with cabs and public transportation that payed for. Nobody from outside helped, and the citizens in my country were left with only one train wagon per line and per day because there were so much refugees wanting to cross the country. (We are already in bad situation and this did not help at all). I traveled with a train last summer and happened to be at the station at the same time with them. I saw how many of them they were, how long the train was and it was overflowing. And that is only for one part of the day. Imagine how much are they crossing on a daily basis…

        For more than a year, there were more that 4000-5000 refugees per day crossing the border and going through my country. There were daily news about this and whenever they were asked about what their plan was, every single one of them stated that they just want to go to well-developed countries.
        After a while, EU finally said that they will let only people from regions that are in war. That is when EU was attacked by NGO’s and was „accused“ for not following the legislation.

        You are right about many things and I agree with them. But as you wrote, 60 million people are way too much, not because anything else, but because EU can’t handle them and provide good place for living for them. Another reason is that with them, there are some bad people (shall-not-be-named) that are causing terror by attacking big groups of people.

        I am sad because those who choose the unsafe roads are the ones with the problem and they are the ones that lives are lost during transportation.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        I gather news from a lot of sites too. I want to get a “fuller” picture. Which is why I mentioned my issue with the wording “swarms of refugees” which I read from a site I don’t agree so much with. I found it hurful that someone should ever describe people like that. When you hear the word “swarms”, it’s like a bunch of malaria-inducing mosquitoes coming your way. Which is one of the main things that triggered me to write this post.

        But anyway, as for the refugees. I’ve been reading a but more, and I came to understand that the “rich” ones are a very small minority. The rich ones who come by luxury planes, trains, etc. But most of them came a long way. Some took a whole entire walk but most took a dangeours route overseas where over thousands are lost and drowned. And then there are the refugees who are people with various illness and bodily-issues who arent getting help, people with cancer, disabilities, etc, who had spend their life earnings and now they can’t get treatment.

        But I think I understand the point you’re saying now. I think that was right of the EU to only want people from war-inflickted zones. I don’t understand why NGO’s would make it harder on Britain. Thank you for sharing the knowledge, because the news I read mostly say that most of these are refugees that survived *from* the war and didn’t have *luxury travels*. I didn’t know there was an inequality-issue going INSIDE the refugee system. This has all gone to shambles.

        Do you have any go-to site where you can get the least unbiased news from?

      • antidoteupdates says:

        I meant „NGO’s“ are accusing the whole EU, not only Britain (and now with the Brexit, UK is not in EU anymore).
        And for sites, not really. Same as you, I read from everywhere. This is „insides“ from a country that is inflicter with a huge number of refugees crossing through it every day and impartial view because, as I already wrote before, foreign journalists are only on-the-scene for 2-3 days (maybe even less) and they only write what they see at the moment and are writing their opinions and feelings which is not journalism.

        Have a nice weekend 🙂

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Thanks for mentioning this! Now I feel bad for the ‘real’ refugees who aren’t getting the press-coverage 😦 We can be deceived

  2. Dizzy Chick says:

    I love learning things about you.
    You shame me in your knowledge of what is going on in the world.
    I admit I normally hide from it.
    There are so many different views, as you said, you can’t trust just one news site, that I don’t feel I can trust myself to know which one is telling the truth.
    I believe in love and compassion for all.
    I don’t understand hate.
    hearing about all of these things, makes me want to go out and do something.
    but I have no idea what.
    I think I hide from the world a little bit.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    sharing parts of you.

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