3 week of DDDC

Alright. Week 3 made as much sense as the song above (I love that song) :I But I was a lot more aware of my habits and I did better with things than before my challenge. So I am just going to count on progress coming slowly. 😮 I’ll keep going, less lazy than before

3 tasks for the week:

  1. Read one page from 4 different books
  2. Use computer only after 7PM and make a list of what you’ll do on the computer before hand :i
  3. Relax my muscles every time I remember to, I tend to tense up my body in so many ways.

The therapist I did have did give me this exercise to de-stress my muscles, but I don’t want to do the whole exercise :/ It takes work, I’ll just focus on relaxing my muscles. Oh man and #2 will be the hardest talk of all (screams). I want to play video-games, I don’t care how old I am getting, I am addicted to them. But I can use the internet after 7….so….I need to chill a little. I think most of my accomplish went like this.

Week 1- 20%

Weak 2- 10%

Week 3- what?

Hehehe :3 Did you read all of this? Here’s a another song for you now (don’t watch the video if you haven’t read all of the above, no! It’s not for you! D: 😥 ):

How has your week went? What are 3 things you wish to get accomplished by Week 4? (i month, the big monthly spreadsheet results 😮 )


13 thoughts on “3 week of DDDC

  1. willytyme says:

    Mon, I love you just for mentioning video-games in a sentence….ahh, so beautiful you are. Well, I put three things on my list on what I can try to accomplish and here they are, and note, I started this challenge last week:
    #1. Limit my video-game time to at least 4 hours a day, spend the rest reading.
    #2. Don’t shed a tear over stupid situations.
    #3. Help more than I already do around the house more.

    I failed number one because video-games are like drugs to me and I’m addicted. I failed number 2 because I’m a sixteen year old baby that can’t keep his eyes dry for nothing, and I failed number three because I spent to much time on number one. My new ones are as follows:
    #1. Spend a little more time working(an extra hour) out in the gym, even when I don’t need to.
    #2. Study more(at least 2 hours
    day) to prepare for the year task of essays, math and a bunch of other stuff I don’t need.
    #3. Limit my computer time (not video games) to at least 2 hours including games and WP.

    You are an inspiration Mon, if I get past these three, I’ve graduated to phase 2. Start with simple and work your way up like me. ;o)

    Hugs Mon.

  2. Robert says:


    What kind of exercise did your therapist give you to de-stress your muscles?

    All good wishes,


  3. SunkenThought says:

    Lol I love the blue buff song – reminds me I have a game I used to play that I want to get back into!! I sort of managed m goals for last week but I didn’t always come up with a thoughts abound post. I did however manage to remember about 80% of the time to have the kids do their solo play time! And I did start my own challenge so I am proud of myself on that.

    Goals for me this week

    – Try to keep up with the kids 1 hour playtime solo
    – Post at least twice a day on WP
    – Try to play 1 hour of my favorite MMORPG after kids go to bed

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