Reading Love & 3DQC

  1. “My best friend in high school will relate, because we were the most hated students in Ms. Gibb’s class. We had laughing fits, on a daily basis, over stupid shit, like Ms. Gibb’s flock of seagulls hair”
    When You Know You Need a Vacation
  2. Crossing Over (A Senryu)
  3. “Like the dry parched farms,
    My barren soul awaits the shower of your love..

    The monsoon has just began,
    And I see love blossoming all around.”
    Without You…

Some favorite Quotes:

Thank you survivednarc for nominating me for the challenge! 🙂

I nominate- Sonofabeach96, Blogmomrocks2 and derrickjknight for the 3 Day Quotes Challenge!

Make sure to check out there blogs! Pronto!

Here are the rules (I bent two of the rules slightly, I have a lot of catching upto do that’s why :p 🙂 )


Thank the person who nominated you.

 Post a quote for three consecutive days.

 Nominate three bloggers each day.

Enjoy the reads and the quotes, hopefully I will be posting more “real” posts soon 😀 Haha

12 thoughts on “Reading Love & 3DQC

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I couldn’t find the folder where I saved all the links to the nominated challenges. I had to find it from comment searches xD Thank you! 🙂 And you wrote a superb guest post!

      • survivednarc says:

        🙂 I am like that too, I have some old award nominations that I don’t really remember what it was… Have to look that up some day….. *Some day* 😉
        Oh, thanks! I’m so glad you liked it!


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