Thoughts and Mom’s thoughts

Obviously I took my anger out on Mom when talking about the shooting and lied in bed because my body felt too heavy to move after arguing with her. Right now I am reading a more in-depth article about the shooter: Gunman in worst US massacre described as “quiet” but grew hateful. He’d just beat up his ex for the world being not the way he wanted it to be.  I don’t know what it would be like being there. The shots fired, people falling to the ground. Blood.

I talked to Mom and she tells me she believes these attacks are “revenge” for what’s currently happening in Syria (but she doesn’t believe in revenge in killing innocent people for other innocent people killed), people dying and going hungry for air-strikes, and what’s always been happening in Phillistin. Not to do with gays, her thought is the man got really angry late night and started shooting outside, given the history. I don’t know much yet.

She tells me only developed-countries makes the big highlight. I am trying to find more non-biased new sources now, so far I read news about a country not FROM that country but from other news sources (the news source I showed above is an English, Bangladeshi site).

It’s surprising how much I know more about developed countries than poor ones. Media essentially belongs to the West. You have to try to get a more detailed news from the West. Really learning from the internet isn’t as easy as I thought now. I should compare not only multiple sites, but sites from multiple countries.Everyone should.

And I read Trump’s recent tweets. How much he goes back and worth with his claims. I will ban all Muslims. No I mean temporarily ban them. Now look what happened, see I asked for the ban. Go Trump, ban me.

I asked Mom why she doesn’t talk to me about Syria or all the other things happening. She said Dad told her to keep her mouth shut because I get sad. Did you read that right? I am still young and learning. And I get affected easily. They probably thought I might slip into my issues more and more. That’s how it happens, quietly and slowly, even I don’t know when it gets me. Now I am talking about me, but I thought people should know why my parents do what they do. But I still shouldn’t have read these things in the morning, reading news like this first thing in the morning isn’t good for me. But people getting shot can’t be compared to me having a mood and blowing up on mom. The world is too much.

What do I even have left to think? I am sorry. For Syrians. For Philistine. And recently, Orlando. I don’t know what I would do if I went through what you did. I don’t know what to think. I don’t know what can be done



26 thoughts on “Thoughts and Mom’s thoughts

  1. Advanced Research Technology says:

    I find that Twitter is one of the very best news sources out there if you follow the alternative news sites. But don’t go there if it upsets you. This world is a crazy, violent place at times sprinkled with bouts of wonderful humanity. 😉

  2. Jim says:

    sometimes it take a while for a parent or both parents to talk to their children like the young adults they are. they look at you and still worry and fuss about you like a child. it’s not a bad thing rather it just takes some time for them to realize that you are becoming an adult. it took me a while before I could talk to both of my daughters like that so go easy on yourself.

  3. willytyme says:

    So many things can be done that aren’t being done. I don’t know how a gut managed to sneak a semi-automatic gun into a club and kill 56 people, word has it that he was against gay people which is very disturbing and stupid.
    I try not to read stuff like that whether it’s morning or night because it’s depressing and it just arouses my anger at how stupid society can be. Parents always feel they are protecting you by giving as little info on subjects that you want t know about, but i’d rather learn what the world is like rather than be hidden from it and have a rude awaking when I get into it. Parents don’t understand. U have to stay strong Mon.

  4. SunkenThought says:

    What happened was a travesty but the world should not be sheltered from what happens, be it in large countries or small. Developed or underdeveloped countries deserve to have the news reporting what is going on with them. I am often hearing of the attacks in Syria, the death tolls, what scares me most is suicide bombings. The idea that someone is so convicted in their ideologies that they would blow themself or their children for hopes of getting others on their side of their cause. The terror that strikes the hearts of many knows no socioeconomic status.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Exactly! This is why I usually don’t prefer to read any country’s news from that country itself, as far as the sources go, the better.

      And that IS a scary thought. People do that so much. I just wondered why the FBI don’t give psychotherapy for their suspects, this guy certainly had a history. I think everyone on FBI’s suspect list should be given the mental-health resources, but that’s just me. Thank you so much

      • SunkenThought says:

        I think part of the reason why the FBI doesn’t is because they arrest and send to prison so many suspects, to have them go through psychotherapy would cost a fortune. The cost of seeing a regular therapist is high enough, but a psychotherapist ? Extremely high

  5. theonlysup says:

    Probably she tells what she feels about incidents like this.. You on the contrary go by facts. So may be a difference in opinions. Also. Its good u discuss some social issues too with her.. May be she think its not appropriate to discuss violence related thing with u for it may have negative impact but in sure if discussed properly there is no wrong

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