I (try to) talk, you listen

I mention closing my eyes  it helps to make my thoughts more “linear” and I can “see” them better and can then *try* to articulate it. My anxiety worsens my grammar. I edited this track to cut out a TON of long pauses in between thoughts. I donno, I felt like talking about my difficulty with talking. I cut out a lot of nervous singing I did in the audio too, ha. Pardon all the noises around me. Also, my accent is different. It’s a mix of Bengali and Weirdo and Cute :p


19 thoughts on “I (try to) talk, you listen

  1. 8sherry says:

    Your voice is beautiful I can listen to it all day. I’m sitting here imagining you’re talking in front of me and I just want to hug you. Sending virtual hug~ ❤ (also I’m not usually like this so pardon my Fe function 😒) I hope you would make more videos like this.

  2. SunkenThought says:

    I can totally relate to being able to write more fluently than I can speak. The words just come out in a mish mash of jumbled attempts to get my thoughts across and I tend to ramble. It’s kind of why I posted a thing asking for questions for my first video blog haha but instead of just voice, I plan on going for a walk and doing a video with me talking about whatever questions people bring to me. I find it easiest to walk and talk, it really helps to clear the mind when you’re in motion. That might just be me though.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Exactly! The thoughts are all just interconnected and you’re not sure how to pull one out and then specify it XD Yeah. There are studies showing that walking puts your brain more into a flow and can help improve creativity. Probably that’s why 🙂

  3. willytyme says:

    Ahh, a voice behind the lovely one, which is just as lovely I add. I could listen to you all day only because your voice is such a blase’ tone. For one who hasn’t seen the things you have, it would intrigue them.(hope that’s the right word, Dr. McCoy from X-Men said it) There can be no fault in beauty, in turn here is no fault in your voice. U shoul maxe more of them.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Huehuehue :p *big hugs* I didn’t notice my blase’ tone until you said it. Oh it depends on the person whether they are intrigued, comparing my classmates with you if I said 😉 As always, you leave me not sure how to reply to such compliments (shy) Thank you ❤

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