Day 6 of DDDC

I am going to blame my regression on my monthly flow. :p And to add to that, I had to go book shopping in a hot summer’s day. Ek. Go away, women troubles.

So…here’s my results ( 😀 ?)

Progress Agan.png

I am going to start studying from tomorrow because the pain is mostly over by  now and I think I will start exercising after three more days.

I just wanted to say that instead of making it a daily thing (The DDD Challenge), I am going to make it a weekly project. Like a check up every Monday 🙂 (So tomorrow there will be another one to check-up on, I made this post today mainly to mention this change).

Tomorrow, if you like, you can add your personal three-important-tasks you want to get done (or do daily throughout the next week) in the comments below on that post. You can tell me about your progress for the past 6 days 🙂

Until tomorrow, bye



8 thoughts on “Day 6 of DDDC

      • SunkenThought says:

        Undoubtedly, I know when the flow strikes I just want to curl up and not move for a few days until the storm passes haha exercise always comes secondary! Sounds like you deserve a nice bubble bath. Always perks me up!

      • SunkenThought says:

        Candle lit bubble baths with a good relaxing book are the best way to cleanse the soul after a rough week. I shower during the time but afterwards, a nice bath helps rebalance the center.

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