DDDC Day 2

Randomly sharing one great song along the way 🙂

Anyone can join the Do-Did-Done Challenge (DDDC). It’s a challenge where you have 3 major tasks you set aside to do for a whole week……and do them the week. If you want to join, just write your Top 3 Actions in the comments below to do throughout the week. And I will track your progress on a spreadsheet if you happen to have time to let me know. Here’s my progress for Day 1 (yesterday)

Day 1.png

I am going to edit my tasks for the week slightly just to make it easier. Clarity comes from engagement, not thought (@Marie Forleo). And from engaging in the tasks, I gained  clarity to make someslight changes.

For example, instead of meditating five times a day, I want to do it once. I wanted to do it five times a day because the peace from meditation doesn’t usually last long, but I find it easier to do it for 20 minutes straight like I used to. And as for studying accounting, I find that I have more concentration for studies at night. I also forgotten a lot of the things I learnt a year ago. So I need to focus more on studying the steps rather than doing them. And….I am approaching the date of my monthly flow so I need to reduce the time I exercise (but only by 3 minutes ha) Okay so here’s my new list:

  1. Meditate for 20 minutes
  2. Cario-exercise for 7 minutes upon waking up
  3. Take accounting notes after dinner.


9 thoughts on “DDDC Day 2

  1. SunkenThought says:

    Sorry to sound a bit dim but what is cario-exercise? I’ve never heard of it and searching was … Well, most the searches came up with cardio instead as though I’d made a mistake.

  2. survivednarc says:

    Hey, that’s a Swedish singer by the way, from my country. 😀 How fun, and odd. (Since we are cush a very small country).
    Good luck on your activities! I would join in the challenge, but I’m sorry I am just too lazy and tired right now! Good luck though. 😀

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Oh wow, that’s great. I was wondering where she was from. That’s the same place where Pewds lives too. Okay, don’t worry 🙂 Thank you

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