Do-Did-Done Challenge

Anyone can join the Do-Did-Done Challenge (DDDC). It’s a challenge where you have 3 major tasks you set aside to do for a whole week……and do them the week >:I You just have to comment each day on the specific posts of the day (means Day One’s task on DDDC Day One post) and let me know you did them or not.

And then I will record them on a spread-sheet for everyone to see. Like this one:



Flying Soup may not have done his task for day one, but he can learn from what he did wrong. He can make an action-plan to not avoid it the next time. Failure is the pillar of success (even though it’s b*tchy)

For example, if you guys join, my 3 tasks for the week will be-

1) Do 4-minute meditation 5 times each day (20 minutes).

2) Write the first 4 steps in one accounting problem every afternoon (I have a hard time even studying this subject, so I will start with small steps, specifically 4 little ones)

3) Cardio-Dance for 10 minutes upon waking up

And if I happen to miss a day,  I will make an action-plan. Like- “Set an alarm for doing the tasks so I don’t forget the next time)

I think this would be a good productivity challenge. Who wants to join? Challenge starts from 31st may.

If you want to join, just write your Top 3 Actions in the comments below to do throughout the week. I’ll give you a pingback on 31st may on my blog as a reminder 🙂


4 thoughts on “Do-Did-Done Challenge

  1. Melarish Ish (@Melarish) says:

    Ooh, great idea. I usually do a monthly list of goals but weekly could be cool too.

    Next week, I want to do a Toastmasters speech on Wednesday, read another chapter of Homage to Catalonia, do the next two skills in Duolingo Vietnamese. Name and shame me if I don’t 😀

    • Mon ☠ says:

      My little list, as always, is nothing compared to yours 😀 Haha. Alrightey, you’re signed up! This will be like another one of Celes’s challenge…..except….without Celes (bursts into tears). But we will try our best! 😀 You’re signed up, which means I HAVE to follow through my list now! xD Thank you! 🙂

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