6. 9 magnitude earthquake right after k hear news of one of my dear uncle diagnosed with brain cancer. How much more cancer do I need to know if? And the earthquake shook me up. Anything can happen any time. I am all calm now. But these two hits, with the news followed by the earthquake were not right. I rested in bed because I felt like my body lost all its energy from the stress. The earthquake was so major. It literally felt like my head was spinning while it happened. I kept imagining how the ground would give away, how I may be stuck in the ground after the building might collapse. I then had my little “I am not here” moments where too much mental pressure makes me feel like I am not even in this body, which happens. No injuries were reported in the news. And I still wish it could be any other cancer than brain cancer for my uncle, because that’s such a delicate part. I am so shocked. I am pretty stable now, as evidenced by me typing all this, but it just hits you and you wonder what world are you really living in.


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  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    I remember the first time I experienced a rumble
    It scared the shit out of me
    Cancer I would say is much more than the earth rumbling
    It’s your world taking you out of your comfort zone
    We’re here for you
    Thank you for your like
    As always Sheldon

  2. Chained King says:

    I was studying calculus at the time of the earthquake… my state of mind could have been described as “in flow”… so I ignored the rattling sound and table wobbling until a container of water fell over.

    I my deepest condolences about your uncle. Cancer has claimed the life of two my grand parents, has bedridden one grandparent, and taken away an aunt. It’s a uphill climb, but I hope he has the will to continue like Terry Fox.

    • Mon โ˜  says:

      It’s always an earthquake with calculus anyway. But that’s interesting that you didn’t feel a thing! I always seem to be very sensitive to outside stimuli.

      Thank you, and now my Uncle is a lot better. The doctors said it wasn’t the kind of cancer they suspected, it wasn’t the one that shortens life-span. I am sorry about your grandparents, I lost a grandparent last year and I know what that can feel like.

  3. alexiathehopeful says:

    Hi Mon,
    I hope your uncle gets better – cancer is such as ugly disease.
    I hope you get better as well…keep your chin up and try to smile, negativity will only dampen your sprirts.

  4. 2ndhalfolife says:

    I am so sorry about both these things. Earthquakes can also shake us up internally too. I knew a woman who knew when one happened states away. Dogs know they are happening because of the frequency of sound, so I understand. You must be very sensitive to the earth’s vibration. And I’m sad to hear about your poor Uncle. Cancer is indeed a disease that does not pick it’s victims. I hope his treatment is not too difficult. Good luck. My thoughts and love are with you. Be strong. xo

    • Mon โ˜  says:

      I hope so too, I hope it isn’t painful for him, even though they have to take a serious surgery. I wonder about the little girl he has too, I wonder what she would do without him

  5. willytyme says:

    Oh lovely, I am so sorry to hear that. They say if it isn’t one thing, it’s another. The world we live in is the world we make it, but it’ll always invade our world with reality. I’m sorry to hear about your uncle, stay strong and pray for him as I will. Earthquakes are a moving experience, you are braver than I am, I’d still be huddled under something with my face saturated with tears. The fact that you are calm now is a show of how tough you are. That doesn’t happen often does it? Was that a first? I’m glad no injuries were reported especially to yourself, I’d be angry at the Earthquake if you got hurt, even a sprained ankle would ager me. I’m glad all is well from the tremor aspect. Sending a million hugs lovely. ;o) That means I won’t let go for a while. ;o)

    • Mon โ˜  says:

      Thanks, Willy. It has gone like that, one thing after another. Right now I am cool as everyone else has been all this time about the earthquake. I still woke up in the morning and felt and earthquake, and as usual, it was another one of my psychological eathquakes. I keep having them because my body naturally has low glucose and my legs feel shaky a lot. Nope, this wasn’t a first, this was probably the…..5th time I think. Thank you for your anger at earthquake, I don’t like it either D: โค

      • willytyme says:

        The 5th time! And you’re calm…..that’s dope…totally fresh!!! Aftershocks can take place in the mind after it’s all done. Go eat some glucose and straighten those legs. ;oP

      • Mon โ˜  says:

        Oh man, not only me. Everyone. The next day was Bangeli new year and I watched a bunch of people dancing and celebrating on T.V xD Everyday I have the fear of earthquakes, every morning I think an earthquake is happening when it’s just my legs buzzing. True that, coffee works better than glucose pills ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

        How are you doing Willy? How’s your step-parents? How are you feeling about them?

      • willytyme says:

        New Year….., a celebration of getting through a tremor, something to celebrate indeed.
        I’m good, my step parents are okay, as okay as they can be I guess. I’m not allowed to drink coffee or soda, it’s a caffine free house. Just another way to punish the little people. I’m okay with their rules I guess, it’s all about stayin healthy I guess. Do you drink soda?

      • Mon โ˜  says:

        Hahaha. Yep, that’s probably it ๐Ÿ™‚ And booooooooo. That’s sucky, though I do try to avoid soda too. But ever since I’ve switched from tea to coffee, I don’t understand how I was able to study so effectively without coffee. coffee can be healthy. Here’s a video from ASAP-science-

        Maybe they’ll consider it after wathing that video :/ But honestly, if I were to adopt a child, I would at first make sure they feel very okay and just won’t allow the basic unhealthy things except once in a while like fastfood. I don’t agree with the holding off on drinks part, ESPECIALLY COFFEE AHHH!!!!!!!!!! So sorry, Willy

      • willytyme says:

        It’s not that bad I guess, I don’t know what coffee taste like but they say caffine does wonders when you’re tired. Now I know where all your energy comes from. You rock Mon!! I’d had a conversation over a cup of coffee with you. ;o)

      • Mon โ˜  says:

        You don’t know what coffee tastes like? Oh man, oh man, oh man. *throws the bag full of Nescafe coffee beans at you without hurting you because it’s pretty heavy* Oh man, Willy. If I could have you for a day from your parents, I could take you to our stupid little coffee shops and talk about how silly our guardians are

      • willytyme says:

        That’d be one of my wishes, but coffee? Can you explain the taste? Is it like hot cocoa, I’m allowed to drink that. But yeah, talking about how silly our gaurdians are, it’d take longer than a day, so in turn, that’s a lot of coffee. ;o)

      • Mon โ˜  says:

        I don’t know what hot cocoa is like ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I would say it’s the perfect combination of bitter and sweet if you put in the right amount of coffee and sugar (I need milk too!), though, that would depend on you. I HATEEEE black coffee, it tastes too much like… I add milk to minimize the bitterness and have some dairy goodness with it. Haha, I wrote dairy goodness. yeah, it’d take a lot of coffee-bean crushing to get through the day,

      • willytyme says:

        Ahh, sounds like coffee is an experience to stimulate the mind. Hot cocoa is like drinking a chocolate candy bar, it can really taste good with marsh mellows. Perhaps we can sit in our imaginary cafe’ and exchange drink recipes together. And just to let ya know, you can’t make cocoa without milk. Cocoa helps yu sleep, sounds like coffee keeps you on the moooooove. ;o) My dairy joke for the day.

      • Mon โ˜  says:

        It is. But I am not having any of it now. It makes me hyper anxious *screams* (Okay, I didn’t really scream!) Yep, would love a coffee/cocoa milk-shakey thing with you ๐Ÿ˜€

      • willytyme says:

        What’s up with me? Well, besides missing you, it’s the end of the school year. Finals to pass and yearbooks to sign. Ya know, and trying to write my blogs to try and keep readers entertained. ;o)

      • willytyme says:

        I’m only anxious to get them over with. Anxious is if I ever have a first date or alot of other firsts. But for exams, i just wanna guess my way through, but i’ll probably get in trouble. Yeah, im anxious to get them out the way lovely. Anxious…..meeting you, that raises anxiety. ;o) Hey, i can dream, it’s allowed.

      • Mon โ˜  says:

        Hahaha, you haven’t seen me other than in perfectly angled selfies :p ๐Ÿ˜€ (But I know what your response to that still is :3) Exams suck our brains. All these studies only to show off a degree to our boss. Pfft

      • willytyme says:

        See, you know me so well and we reside on different worlds….two peas in a pod we are. ;o) Some people are worth a plane ticket around the world, you are one of those people. ;o)
        Exams and test are brain suckers, what if I want to play sports when i grow up…..why do i need history when i’m planning for the future. ;o) Smh

      • Mon โ˜  says:

        Gah Willues :3 The last one is one thought I always had but couldn’t have words around when I was younger ha. Again Willy, back at it again with the confidence-boosters.

        How are the folks now? Have things gotten a little un-tangled? How are you doing?

        P.s Where you able to try coffee?

      • willytyme says:

        U r to lovely for words lovely, u boost confidence in others and don’t even know it. ;o)
        The family is getting better as time goes along, i feel a little better doing family outings with them at least. Shoes will always have some some knots but if we choose to untangle them, we in turn will walk a little better. So, i am good as long as i read your post. ;o)
        I have not been able to try coffee, I don’t wanna get weird looks or grounded. I think coffee is like alchohal to these people. I need my electronics, so no coffee, but I’ll treat you to hot cocoa. ;o) You’ll like it, it’s as sweet as u r.

      • Mon โ˜  says:

        That’s some good thing going.I don’t know anything much about them, but I think maybe things are going better with them, how are they trying with your relationship with them?

        That’s a great metaphor with the shoe thing. I need to remember that. I love comfortable footwear, which is why I always fear these long-ass sandles to have enough room for my feet xD

        That’s weird, their hatred for coffee. Then again, my parents wouldn’t buy me hot cocoa xD They think it is unnecessary. Oh well ๐Ÿ˜€ We all have something we want and haven’t tried yet xD

      • willytyme says:

        Yeah, it is getting better, it more adjusting to how they are more than anything i guess.
        I like sandles too, i don’t wear them much, i think my big feet looks odd in them.
        Your parents think cocoa is unnecessary and mines think coffee is horrible. We all want things we can’t have either. Lol

    • Mon โ˜  says:

      It wasn’t so bad, the earthquake. No one was killed, so there’s that. And most people here are so strong-willed, they don’t seem to take it too seriously. There was a special occation the day after and I watched people celebrating live on T.V.

      The doctors aren’t sure, but they do think he isn’t going to live long. He has gone crazy these couple of days, my Uncle. He’s outside this stupid developing country to get better treatment.

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