Oh man.

I meant a lot of the things in my last post, but I made soooooo many grammatical mistakes. I think I will keep it like that. I just got really emotional after exam didn’t go today and had all kinds of random thoughts. At some points i even soubded scary to myself. But the message of my post is what I agree with. AND that’s that I just judge myself  a lot.


16 thoughts on “Oh man.

  1. willytyme says:

    I’m still behind the times, I often feel prehistoric and I’m not even caveman old. Google is my friend and sometimes google gets confused on what I’m trying to say and often gives up on me….sorta like a lot of people have. No one is mistake free, but the only opinion taht matters is your own. Fu@# every other negative opinion. ;o)

  2. The Anxiety Chronicles says:

    That happens to me so many times! I get so emotional and I’m full of words that when I transfer it over to my blog as I’m thinking, there would be so many grammatical errors. It’s ok though. Shows your passion 😉.

  3. Robert says:


    I’ve heard it said – and I believe this – that one’s intent is everything.

    And…in reference to communicating with others, it is meaning that is important, and not necessarily the grammar or even words. Meaning comes first, and then grammar and words serve her.

    So…you communicate well in your post. And all is good :).

    All good wishes,


    • Dizzy Chick says:

      Don’t edit and don’t worry about grammatical errors. I’ll read and reread my post thinking everything is perfect, then I’ll publish and suddenly I’ll find something that is wrong.
      Don’t sweat it, we got the meaning, that’s the important part.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Thank you, yah. Sometimes I do worry about whether my writing is readable 😀 xD I shouldn’t worry when I am emotional, you’re right 🙂

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