I am surprised Drumph is even in the list, and I hate Ted Cruz but the one thing I choose on the immigration-list that possibly brought him on the list is that I picked one option where it says we should judge equally on any suspects just like people would from their own country, but I do NOT want to be kept a close eye on just because I am a Muslim. But Muslims, like myself, shouldn’t be so…..”kept an eye on”. That is NOT what I meant by “suspects”, I meant those with some kind of criminal history :I

Cruzy is a slight version of Drumph if you ask me. But whatever! I know, I am surprised I even brought up politics too!


Yeah, and the “AAAAALikers” tab you see on the top tab (in my screenshot) is the list ze’ย  loyal “likers” at my blog ๐Ÿ™‚ I make time to visit their blogs everyday.ย that’s why that’s there ha


23 thoughts on “

  1. Dizzy Chick says:

    it scares me that Drump has come as far as he has.
    It’s a sad time in America.

    I voted for Bernie in the primaries, of course he didn’t win the state, but he did get some delegates.

    • Mon โ˜  says:

      I know, Trump’s fire was too much for the “bern”. I wish less authorotarian politicians like Bernie would get elected.
      P.S I edited and cut out the part where you mentioned your other blog, for your privacy haha. I am glad to know your “other side” too ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for your sunchine ๐Ÿ˜€ :*

  2. sonofabeach96 says:

    They all suck, but as long as it isn’t The Trumpster Fire I’ll be alright with whoever . At this point though, it looks to Hillary vs The Trumpster Fire in the general election. Both scare the shit outta me.

  3. Robert says:


    What an interesting array of political candidates. We can choose from the thoroughly insane to the slightly less insane :).

    I’m with you on Sanders

    All good wishes,


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