Lost between Dhaka and a Beardo

Here’s a 250-word narrative flash-fiction of a girl named “Amanda Creek” who’s lost her way in the city of Dhaka. Without further Bengali ado, I present to you…a lost Amanda.


This entire walk paid off; I found a coffee-shop here. I wonder what ‘Bengal’ coffee is like. I don’t even know where I am, doesn’t help with how Mon scared me.

“You’re White and stuff, Amanda,” Mon, my creepy friend, told me with both her eye-brows up (she can’t raise one eyebrow up without raising the other too). “You’re more noticeable. Don’t walk down any depeopled roads. The **‘hijackers’ may think you’re a rich tourist”

People stare a lot, and discretely. If I look behind me, some people pretend going back to their business. I didn’t understand this until I heard this exchange between a girl and her servant. They were sitting opposite me in the coffee-shop. The wide-eyed bearded servant with a school-bag on his lap asked his boss, “How much Fair & Lovely do they use to get this white?”

“They’re born this way,” the girl shot a look at her servant, “Don’t ask these questions”.

“People can NATURALLY look like that!?”

“Yes…,” the girl rolled her eyes.

They probably don’t know that I know Bengali. The servant eyed me from my head to my toes, and without moving his gaze, let out s questioning, “Eeeyeh..”

“What is it!??” the little girl snapped back.   The servant turned red but his curiosity was killing him to know.

“Do they poop, too?”.

“Do you think her biological-systems don’t work because she’s White?”

“I am sorry. I just don’t know so much. Unlike you, Miss.”

Mon did NOT warn me of THIS!

————————————-The End——————————–

Alright, this was NOT good AT ALL! LOL! I tried to make it good! This story was so so so not good.

I had no idea what to write while I was writing this. This was a tough prompt for me!

I hope this didn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable, because……everyone doesn’t think like that! I don’t think this way….anymore, I mean I was a kid when I thought that people with less melanin didn’t burp or do any of those biological-things. I mean, our society poses such a HUGE importance on being light-skinned that it makes you….crazy, you know? And I know Dr. House said that medical school teaches that everyone poops.Okay, I blame the grey weather for my ridiculousness. Grey weathers get to me, seasonal-normalness-crisis.

I feel slightly defenseless for publishing my weird story. Its hard to get rid of my goofy smile after writing the last para. I don’t know what to feel! I am sorry for my…..mind! 😀 I thought this would be an awesome story until I read it to myself. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know what you thought, even if it’s “You’re pathetic,” which, I already know, but you’re free to still tell me!

** Hijacker is a common Bengali terms for street muggers, or anyone who “takes arbitrarily or by force” on people here.




9 thoughts on “Lost between Dhaka and a Beardo

  1. willytyme says:

    My honest opinion is I really liked where the story was going, very interesting how you incorporate yourself within the story. I love the way there was dialouge where the scenes tended to take a break. I’m looking forward to more. A good story includes travel, drama and a little goofiness to lighten the mood, whether it a funny line or a good quip. Great story Mon, I mean it. “You are so creative, it ain’t even funny.” The last line is a slang compliment where I live meaning your talent is on a high level. One of the best creative minds here, which is why I search for your post. And you’re right, everyone poops because everyone is full of shit. ;o)

  2. 2ndhalfolife says:

    That is pretty funny. When we have people here (and we’re all white mind you) that think they are better than everyone else, I just tell people to picture them on the toilet…just like everyone else. That makes them human like the rest of us. So you nailed it! A little kid who was taught that ‘white’ people–or any ‘supposed’ higher class–might not take a poop. But in reality we all do take a do-do! 🙂

  3. Gaurav Chaplot says:

    You’re pathetic.
    I’m just kidding, this was a great story!
    I totally did not expect the last part and was laughing out loud when I read it. Keep writing awesome stories!

  4. Robert says:


    I very much enjoyed this story, and your reflections on it and you.

    You have a real creative streak. Don’t lose it :).

    All good wishes,


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