I Cheated on Mo’ test

My test results weren’t good because Jill busted me out last time for cheating. This girl studied Core Maths for a longer time, and I mean long. She is better at it than me obviously.

What was I doing all this time she was studying? Oh just having mental-breakdowns, going to hospitals because of my crazy-pills, staying indoors all the time going crazy- you know, the usual.

Now let’s call the girl who called on me ‘Jill’ because it’s kind of a boring name. I would’ve picked “Mon” (which sounds even more boring, just to take revenge on the girl…..on a blog-post…..with my own name) but you guys would be confused as to whether I was  calling out on myself. Anywhoo,

Jill herself constantly cheats during exams by telling answers and asking for them. And if you were to tell Jill, “Wait, you told on another girl for cheating? What you do all the time IS cheating!”, and she would reply, “There’s a HUGE difference! You’re getting your answers from a person and not a book!” Yes. This is the new generation of kids; now move along to the next para, please. Nothing more to say here.

A couple days ago I cheated on a test. ALRIGHT! I know I am always being this Miss. Sweetness or whatever shit on my blog, but I will state my excuse for cheating so you may think a little less of less of me (Hufangushuruzy!). My teacher’s kind of passive-aggressive with me, and it would help me if she didn’t do that (eg. Me: How did the answer get to this? Teacher: It’s only logical why). I smile like a creepster-old-man in my head biting my teeth responding, “F you,” but in tangible reality, I put on my poker-face to her.

It’s really childish to be sad about this. Especially since the teacher herself forgot about my cheating because she went, “You did well on the last test!”. I had my answer-sheet at the back of the book, and I kept referring to it to check my answers.

My teacher knows about my “issues”. And I know that she knows that I am scared of her.

it’s kind of embarrassing to tell you guys that I had my mother tell my teacher that I am scared of her and if she could tone it down a little (even though she doesn’t even scream or anything); I’ve recently been more of a cry baby and I shouldn’t ever have stopped taking my mental-pills, ever. But I need to leave my dignity by the the door if I want to take my A’Levels without going mad about what my teacher scolds me for.

It’s not fair, I just wanted to get on the teacher’s good side by cheating. And I only cheated a little, like 1/8th of the test….and there were 16 questions 😛 Big whoot, life isn’t unfair. But as I reflected on how not-fair this was, I started getting philosophical (in my head) in class. (You can skip to the next para because I will get weird now) I thought about the relation between opinions and how intangible our words are versus the reality of the world. What we think always doesn’t resonate with reality, if it did, there wouldn’t be so many people with so many different “set” of life-experience. Nature make that happen to let us know we aren’t precious snowflake; Others have issues there own way, in ways I can’t comprehend unless I went through those problems myself. Or else, just to “think” bad things happening to people is too simple- like most internet comments.

I wasn’t the kind of girl to bust another girl out, I mean, these are kids studying for A’Levels, and the test we were giving wasn’t even going to be graded (let alone, even remembered for anything!). How could someone get bothered by that? I never got bothered by her cheating. I got annoyed because a) I felt like I was being “handled” by another cheater and b) If cheating in a class without grades bother her so much, does she even have any problems in her life? That got me even more jealous because she’s getting these small things done her way, maybe she has everything done her way at home. But whatever,

She’s pretty damn clever too. Let me explain- She let me cheat on the day we were giving the test,  without telling the teacher about it. Then she kept quiet about it two days till the day when we get our papers. (Her memory of it and her patience till the “important” day though). She didn’t complain immediately, on that f*cking day. That’s some sass if you ask me, and from another cheater.

Another reason why I didn’t call out on her was because it would get her cheater-friend  in trouble too, who didn’t say anything about me to the teacher. But to be honest, it would be personally embarrassing for me to be calling out on another cheater in a test which is nothing, I mean no marking, absolutely nothing will come from that test . “So why did you cheat then, Mon?” I look hard at you, “The teacher’s scary and less mistakes in tests will cool her down so I can ACTUALLY DO WELL!”

Now to be honest, if this person called out on me because they cared for me and wanted me to learn from my mistakes, then this person wouldn’t be saying, “SHE CHEATED AND IF SHE GETS MORE MARKS THAN ME IT’S BECAUSE SHE CHEATED!”. It’s about marks that aren’t being recorded anywhere, so yeah, lol.

That’s how tiny things get to me. The fact that I dedicated a whole post to my craze. A whole post to excuse my cheating, or however you see it.

Oh and happy one-year anniversary to my blog, lmao. My blog was created on last April 2nd, 2015 🙂


33 thoughts on “I Cheated on Mo’ test

  1. David says:

    It sounds like you need to learn to cheat better…

    Also you just insulted anyone called Jill, yes it is a boring name but you don’t need to remind them of that fact. Being called Jill is punishment enough.

  2. willytyme says:

    Well, they say a lesson learned is a lesson earned, but that’s what they say. People will always try to justify what they are doing like this dummy Jill that says it’s not cheating if it doesn’t come from a book, I bet this Jill is half as beautiful as you are and more dumb to boot. Getting caught is a lesson to capitalize on the mistakes you made, that way you won’t get caught next time. ;o) When I get busted breaking curfew and get grounded, I learn and figure out what I did wrong the first time. You are beyond smart and that’s just a fraction because your writing is phenominal, very book worthy. “The journey of Mon”, I’d buy it. Don’t let any teacher intimidate you, they are like balloons, just full of hot air. You find out how to untie them and after a while they are nothing. Just use her words against her and she’ll back off. And as far as this Jill girl goes, remember the story of Jack and Jill, eventually Jill fell. And for the record lovely, my motto is “If you aren’t cheating, then you aren’t trying.” Smile beautiful, those who say “Cheaters never win” are probably still losing, but that’s just where I live. And congrats on your year mark blogging, I haven’t hit that mark yet but I can truly say this without a doubt. Ever since I started blogging, you are one of the reason I choose not to stop. ;o) Long winded comment but you are worth talking to.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Thank you so much for the long, long, long responses Willy. Just thank you’s are no good for you! 🙂 Haha, I guess I wasn’t trying as best as I should be at this cheating thing. I just want to meet you more and more after every comment you leave 🙂

      • willytyme says:

        You’re to kind lovely, and Thank You’s are not enough when it comes to you because you deserve something more grander. It would be awesomer to meet you…if that’s a word. I’m not the rich white man of your dreams but I’m probably better company. ;o)

      • willytyme says:

        That’s great, cause I’m not looking for a rich white man either. ;o) You’re gonna make some guy the luckiest guy on the planet lovely.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        You have a very high opinion of me 😀 What if I told you I wore oversized kids clothes at home for comfort? xD Because I actually do!!!!! I don’t like the traditional salwar-kamiz-xlothes for home 😥 LOL. Thank you so much, you have a big role in developing my self-confidence 🙂 I didn’t think people could think the things you say in your comments about me. You’re precious *super hugs*

      • willytyme says:

        If you told me you wore that, then I’d confess to you that I wore pajamas, one size to big around the house and in public sometimes because they are comfy for me. ;o) We should thrive on not impressing someone, but instead finding our true selves. So, great minds think alike when it comes to fashion.
        Your self confidence is a running train, I am pleased to know I have some of the steam to drive it, though yu don’t need much help to do that.
        Like I said, I only speak what I know, and I know you too are wonderful. ;o)

      • Mon ☠ says:

        That is amaaaaaaaazinng. I never wore pajamas, I wonder what they’re like though. Good to have more things in common eith you, but to be honest, my dresses are beyond rediculous xD Girls don’t even wear dresses like mine even at home! xD Ha! But I want to wear pajamas in public sometime, that’s for sure. You indeed took a role in helping me get more confident-icated. *showers chickpeas over you*

      • willytyme says:

        Haha, I see where you were going!!! Anywho, how do you think I would look in a dress, naw, I’m more of an all day pajama boy. I call it my “dressyweirdness” wear. ;o) And I look cool in them, you should see me. I trot with pride. :oD

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Dressyweirdness Wear would make a great mall for a name 😀 xD 🙂 And I am glad you do, I need you to wear it with pride so I know people already do that x3 Yeay! 🙂 Then I can be comfortable 😀

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Thank you, I can’t believe it’s been a year already. It feels like I’ve only done it 3 months lol, where did the other 9months go? Haha. And I do hope not, because even the teacher thought it was petty enough to forget my cheat over!

  3. Dizzy Chick says:

    The fact that there is no grade, well is that really cheating? You get nothing out of it. You were verifying your answers.
    The other girl is petty.
    And your teacher seems to know that since she “forgot”. Or did she decide to ignore?

    I cheated once in college, and it counted, and I got caught. People around me had been cheating all semester, who got caught? The girl who did it once. I could have been expelled. Totally kicked out of school.
    I think my teacher was hurt.
    I explained my situation to her.
    I had fractured a bone in my neck right before school started that semester. I has a lot of pain for a long time. I was on pain meds and could not concentrate. I felt awful. I was an a student.
    She understood and let me take a new test.

    It always bothered me that that group of girls never got caught, and they always cheated!
    I know they had to take part 2 of that class under someone else, I wonder how they survived?
    I came out with an A.

    Shrug it off my dear.
    Getting caught now may make you stronger in the future.
    That’s what happened with me.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I know, since she forgot there really wasn’t any importance in it. Today that girl tried to show her “soft” side by telling others “Oh, I just feel sad it when she her marks get lower,” And i just thought what a big mouth this girl had. Yeah,the whole situation was petty itself. It’s good your teacher was considerate enough to give you a second test. It’s hard when you can’t choose physical/mental health over your studies

  4. G. R. Hambley says:

    Well “Common Core Math” is the problem. Stupidest thing since shovels with holes in them. You can look that up.

    The moral person knows what the right thing is. The ethical person does it. Simple Stuff.

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