How I Organized my Sub-Menus

At first go to your WP Admin page, “(enter your site name here)”. On the tabs on your left hand side, you will find “Appearance”, just hover your mouse over that and you will find one option titled “Menus”. Click on “Menus”.You can go there to edit your menus.

Here’s an EXCELLENT elaboration by one of my blogger besties- Miusho! Check out her article for more: How to make a “page” from a “category”.

The one below is how I organized my menus, through the instructions from the above image 😀


There’s a trick I use to make sure the tabs on my “Musings” and “Creative” don’t have any links to them. Which means you can click on those things as much as you want, you ain’t gettin’ none’….’less I got links, Hun! (I am sorry)

What I do is, I make a ‘Custom Link’ tab and add my URL and Link Text. After the tab is created by clicking the “Add to menu” button, I remove the link from it and then make other tabs it’s sub-menus. Eg. “Thoughts”, “Dumb”, “Sitting Pretty”- all these with links are put together under a link-less “Musings”main-menu. Oh Goodness, did anyone understand that? xD Here’s how I do it:


After clicking on “Custom Links”.

After I click on “Add to menu”


After I created a custom link, it will show up under “Menu Structure”.

And then I erase the link by clicking on my newly-created “Mon Has Chickpeas” menu (yes, this is what you’re dealing with) and then the URL and “Navigation Label” will show like below:


Now to make a sub-menu, just move another tab under it and leave it like this:


Yeah. There you go. Remember to click “Save Menu” after you’re done. Phew!



63 thoughts on “How I Organized my Sub-Menus

      • LeoKnalb says:

        School’s, let’s say in between the lines of fine and chaos.
        I do have some annoying roommates but they’re fine.
        I’m fine, GW. I just miss blogging and all.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Haha, I get it. I am not as activiely blogging but just scheduling so I have time for school work. I miss that rush of spontaneously writing out the posts and then watching the views go up haha

      • Xeno says:

        they saved me from being kill plenty of times, believe it or not.

        (my stomach, on the other hand… 💀💀💀💀💀)

      • Xeno says:

        nonononono, they weren’t mean, they literally saved my life! i’m really thankful that they exist on earth, from the bottom of my wine-soaked 💓.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        NooOOOoOoOOO, hw could you say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NoooOOooOOOoooOOoOOOOOOO!

        *Takes chickpeas in palm and looks at them*

        “Don’t worry, Chickey-Peasers, you are safe with me”.

      • Xeno says:

        lol. now thinking about it, it’s the canned, non-organic ones that make my stomach go wonky. but i’m too lazy to wait for dry, raw chickpeas to soak in water for a day or two! 😛

      • Xeno says:

        where i live in new york, there’s a place called ‘Trader Joe’s’ where they have them for about $1.15 or so for a 12oz. can of organic chickpeas. i use about half a can for every 1/2lb. of fish i cook. 🙂

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Oh well. I am in a developing country maybe xD Then again, food from developed countries aren’t as heavily chemically modified as ours is (is this what I should call it?). They deserve more moolah xD But yeah. :”D

      • Xeno says:

        that’s what you call it, i think. places like Trader Joe’s are actually rare treasures considering where I live; the wine in some supermarkets are actually pricey sugar water, I kid you not… 😦

        i try to eat healthy (‘cuz yolo XD), but it comes at the price of eating really small portions. to conserve energy, my body goes straight into shutdown mode after eating a meal to lower metabolism. this wasn’t always the case, especially when i was in the military and the government were covering practically all my expenses for a while. now that i’m out, i understand better what it’s like to just be a regular person being “out there” in the world living; hell, I’m still getting a lot of help because i’m a veteran, and still it’s not the easiest task to maintain a certain standard of health.

        :bleah: enough ranting and raving. OOOwarm_cyberhugs!!!OOO

      • Mon ☠ says:

        I never had wine, if I did, they don’t sound like ones I would try. I am interested to know you were in the military. Oh man, I am sorry about the issues, I don’t know what I could even do in a military, being another INFP, but with less experience with life. Ugh, that sounds horrible. Veterans don’t get all the treatment they deserve, IMO. Love ❤

      • Xeno says:

        thanks for all your love! 💗💗💗 i fixed computers in the military, so the work itself wasn’t bad. it’s when you start asking, ‘why war?’ that things aren’t as awesome.

        that wine i mentioned wasn’t wine; they’re lies! lol. choosing the kind of wine you like is much like choosing juice, except there’s the added bitter taste of alcohol somewhere in there 😛 some worse than others.

        i.e. sweet tooth = moscato
        bittersweet (like me :P) = cabernet

        i really only drink cabernet and reds. white wines are too sweet. and then there’s other standard spirits (i.e. vodka, rum, etc.), but that’s another story.

        they cost way more than chickpeas, so i only have them once in a blue moon, haha!

      • Xeno says:

        i feel like your enjoyment of wine/’spirits’ depends on a bunch of stuff. a lot of sweet people I know love moscato, lol. i’m kinda bittersweet, so ‘dry’ wines like cabernet and neutral, slightly bitter spirits like gin (made from the juniper berry) are moar up my alley 😛

      • Xeno says:

        perhaps you’re afraid of overdoing it? well, it does make it a lot harder to want to get up in the morning for work, so there’s that 😛 but nothing adequate rest and hydration can’t fix. 🙂

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