“MS Word bullied me”

Here’s a comment from my Random Bullshitting (the title IS telling you not to read that) post from one of the bloggers on my cool-list :D- Mike!

I quit using MS Word. It kept telling me to correct my sentences but gave no input on what to fix, just green underscore for inches across my finely crafted hodgepodge of English grammar. I changed things around, I broke down into two sentences, I rewrote the entire thought but it was never good enough for MS Word. I right clicked to get help, it only highlighted the green underscore in blue. In the blue I would select “cut” until I was blue in the face. But no, Microsoft word would never let me be Englishy enough. I was never good enough for MS Word. MS Word bullied me for months until I realized I actually won. I didn’t actually own the genuine copy Microsoft said I owned. I had a little .exe file I had to keep in a zip file because all the scanners picked it up as a virus or pup. This little .exe file would authenticate anything made by Microsoft. Victory was short lived as I have been using Linux for several years now. Not once has Libre Office Writer asked me to change anything it didn’t want. That is until one day I spelled the word “noyjing” and a red underscore appeared. After reading the sentence back to myself and trying various replacement words, Libre Office Writer Kindly offered me the word, “nothing”. Linux is my friend, my pal, my confidant.

You said you had writers block so I left this blathering pointless comment to really prove nothing (or noyjing if you prefer)

I don’t know what I would do without you , Mike 😀 There are so many me’s here. I hope that MS becomes a nicer software and you have more ease with writing. I experience some of the problems you mentioned above too, the one that bothers me the most is the issue you mentioned at the beginning- it gives you no input on how to make your writing correct-er! Especially since English is my second language, I need to understand what sounds, as you so perfectly said, “Englishy- enough”. Love ❤


6 thoughts on ““MS Word bullied me”

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I know. Then again, I am not even Bangali-enough. I know Bangla and English more or less. People here have a fun way of calling it “Bang-lish language” xD

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