Bengalis and Leonardo DiCaprio


In case you lived in a pineapple under a rock, Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar! Yeah he did! And in our national news only the part where DiCaprio won an oscar was mentioned, no one else’s oscars were mentioned. LOL! Why you ask? I will tell you not. Alright I will tell…in the conversation that happened between Mom and me while the Ocsarsย  happened live ๐Ÿ˜€

(I will call myself “Mony” which is what Mom calls me because “Mon” and “Mom” in writing can be confusing. And you guys wanted to hear more from my mother so here’s a two in one thingy right here! :D)

Mom:MONYYYYY The Ocsars! (Mony’s note: Yeah, that’s all she said. And then I started switching channels to find where the Oscars was showing)

Mony: FOUND IT! Star World

Mom: Good, I want DiCaprio to win

Mony: Oh yeah. Almost every Bangali knows him. Every middle class to upper class Bangali.

Mom: What do you mean? Even loads of lower-class Bangalis (who are most possibly not English-literate) loved this movie! There’s a lot going on in action that you understand the basic plot.


Mony: (Then I started wondering how true she was. When I was a kid and could barely understand English, unless they were recited in slow nursery rhymes, lol, I still knew the main plot of the movie when I watched it. Girl goes in a ship. Boy goes in there too. Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. Evil man doesn’t life boy. Ship sinks. Boy dies and I cry for Boy. You pretty much get the plot for all the drama and action that goes on.)

Mom: DiCaprio launched the tears of thousands of Bangali women in Cinema Halls when it aired.

Mony: (smirking) But I do think DiCaprio is going to get the nominated. If you think about it, he was nominated for it 6 times already. There’s a pressure on the Academy because people have gone as far to even make video-games where DiCaprio chases after an Oscar. I think they’ll force it in DiCaprio’s hand even if he doesn’t want it.

Mom: OhhHOoohoh. You ARE right! It’s going to be a shame on the Grammy’s too! People will think something’s wrong with the Grammy’s to have to give a guy that many grammy’s when he doesn’t have one Oscar.

Mony: True. But I do think he deserves it. For Titanic.

Mom: Oh yeah. For Titanic….alright I don’t know who these other people are, but when DiCaprio is shown for the nomination, just tell me.

Mony: Alrightey! (Mony watches The Academy Awards with a dead stare….alright without a dead-stare. She too didn’t know who those other people getting Oscars were even).

(The “main” nomination starts)


Mom: Runs to the T.V

Mony: Goodness! The other guys against him! One played Steve Jobs and the other was the main character in The Martian. Mom, I don’t think DiCaprio is going to make it!

Mom: Of course he’ll make it!

Mony: (thinking: Yah, be hopeful. You don’t even know what a huge hit The Martian was)

(The nominator says Lionardo DiCaprio won the Oscar)

Me and Mom (together screaming): AHHHhhHHhHHhHAHHAHhhHAHAHHH!!!!!!

We later watched the news and appreciated the spin on the news where they only mentioned DeCaprio getting the award. Like really, I watch sooo many English movies, songs and shows and yet I didn’t know ANY of the others who got the awards. The News-people proably thought it through for which one’s really the news for the Titanic-loving Bangali (women….and men) are.






17 thoughts on “Bengalis and Leonardo DiCaprio

    • Mon โ˜  says:

      I know right? I gained a deeper respect for him for how he used the Oscars speech to mention that, now a lot more people can know. Thank you! And that reminds me, I gotta share the speech on my blog too ๐Ÿ˜€

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