A Brain is Born


Personal blogs are mounted works of contemplation in a url. Contemplating is something personal; I was wondering why I put “personal” in the first line before “blogs”. Isn’t logical calculation  also from contemplation? Without contemplating, the word “personal” wouldn’t come. I guess all books are, too, again “tenderly mounted works of contemplations” (Wotwot?).

No wait. Personal means the non-calculation-subjective sh*t. So…..well….they say you can’t have the political without the personal and vice versa. Doesn’t that relate to logic as well? You can’t have the logical without the personal? Because there has to be a personal being who is going to get access to the logical…sh*tty stuff and absorb it. Oh f*ck, I am writing crap again. Wait, personal and logical means different things.

But there are people who respond more to the objective (thinkers?) than the subjective (feelers?). But all beings are emotional essentially. We are always moving towards what makes us feel good. My brain hurts. What about the logicalistic peoples?

Image by Paul Militaru


21 thoughts on “A Brain is Born

  1. LosiLosLoco says:

    No no Pinecone! There is legitimacy to your thinking. Everything is personal to some extent. Even logic. However, because logic is based on identifying calculable possibilities, it can be made highly impersonal. But there’s always an underlying bit of personal to it, which is why we can have instances of flawed logic. A human is flawed and therefore their logic can be too.
    Honestly, good stuff! Nice little tidbit for me to contemplate. XD Seriously, don’t be shy to post more stuff like this! All the crazy sh*t is the best!

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Oh man, Piney! That’s great insight! It’s true, logic can be flawed too, depending on the person. Is there any such thing is objective logic? Then I don’t think no one would give a damn about freedom of speech xD Thank you! 🙂

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I know, LOL. It kind of makes me wonder about the difference between “personal” and “objective” since all data is human anyway, we humans came up with it. Does that make the objective the subjective? Just random nerdy thoughts 😀

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