The Un-Gentle Mango

I got “The gentle mango” from Mom as my mad lib. Without further ado….

Depressed about something? Mr. Mokless is here!

Song Lyrics (This half-English-half-Bangla song is why I am talking about preserving our culture, LOL, but it’s too good to not share):

Guy in the background screaming at Mokles to get out of the way , LOL. Mokles turns around to face him and says,

“I am Mokless

And I am not so hopeless

(Translations) With some green mangoes, I got ya’ll Mr. Mangoes

Enjoy your life, and ready set go!”

Some dude then gets harshly rejected by the woman he asked out (is physical abuse supposed to be funny? What is wrong with us Bangalis!?) and of course Mokles comes to save the day with his candy. And he wins over his women with Mr. Mango candies. LOL, me and Mom love Mr. Mango but this add is f*cked up.


Eat Mangoes like a boss:


This mango videos gives me the hi-bee-jibees.


25 thoughts on “The Un-Gentle Mango

      • willytyme says:

        You know….my parents used to tell me that when they didn’t want to share. ;o) Some things from other countries are good, look at chinese food, or chicken curry……perhaps you don’t want to share with me. ;o) j/k

      • Mon ☠ says:

        LOL, maybe, maybe not xD But food from a developed country are better. And people boast about stuff they get from developed countries here xD

      • willytyme says:

        See…everything to everybody is better when it’s foreign. If we have it daily and it was easy to get, then it would just be boring. :oO

      • Mon ☠ says:

        2-3 is better than no friends. Which is my condition at the moment. Although I have a hard time keeping relationships because it takes a lot to find someone who’s deep.

      • willytyme says:

        It took me a long while to get those. People often assume you are a nerd when you’re a deep speaker, especially if you use big words. ;o) People don’t get your spontanius nature, but there is someone out there who is looking for that and you two will meet. ;o) And for the record, I’m your friend, so now you have one to start with. It’ll only grow from there. :oP

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Aw Willy! That’s true. I mean if I am looking for people like that, there has to be people looking for that too. It’s that I am surrounded by people who are fundamentally different from me LOL! But yeAh, now I have you Willy. Gosh you’re such a sweetie ☺:D😄😆😇;)

      • willytyme says:

        They say that special one is sometimes right in front of us, but if we look to hard we may just look past them. But don’t worry, cause they’ll see you if you don’t see them. Opposites attract, having the same thoughts, likes and opinions is just boring. ;o) It’s like two people from different countries meeting, different thoughts, ways, and life is why they become better friends. And for the record, I’m not as sweet as you. ;o)

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Yeah, opposites do attract. I just have to learn that everyone isn’t going to eat me if I talk to them. It is damn hard enough to keep eye-contact, within a few seconds I die to look back at the floor again. And you are right, you’re not as sweet as me, you’re more ❤

      • willytyme says:

        “Everyone eat you if you talk to them”…..would you blame them, you’re a sweetie. I usually don’t look people in the eye when I talk either, my eyes just wander. But hey, as long as your message gets across, it doesn’t matter what the eyes say. Your comments make me blush, and that’s not an easy task to carry out. ;o) Only you.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Aw, thanks, Wills! I am not always a Sweetie though, I look kind of scary with the way I hold myself a lot. Teeheee. Love, Mon 🙂

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