Diary of a Wimpy Vampire (Book Review)


Excerpt from the book. Click HERE to see it fulscreen

My ratings would be 4/10. (But would still read it again) The book had enough humor to keep me really hooked and finish it fast and furious. It’s like the diary format of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, except written from the point of a vampire. I just finished reading it and I was mad the book wasn’t bigger, I wanted it to last longer! Alright, onto the character….

Nigel Mullet is the fictional (must I say ‘fictional’?) protagonist 15-year-old who’s been stuck as your “average, everyday vampire” for nearly a century.

He regrets  his father having turned him into a vampire because of all the time he spends being friendless. Here’s another thing about him-Nigel feels migraines coming whenever he sees any religious symbols, so he keeps his distance away from local churches with the big crosses there. (I never heard of vampires fearing religious symbols before, I don’t know how they are portrayed in the greek-myths or wherever the idea of vampires come from *shrugs*)

Nigel also suffers from seriously low self-esteem. Every other member of his family has better looks and super strength, which he doesn’t have. And that sucks bad for him.  He talks about his distress over his looks and wimpiness over and over and it makes you relate to him in such a unique way. Just read this line from the book and tell me you didn’t feel for him like I did-  “It’s so unfair I didn’t get vampire beauty. How am I suppoed to attract humans to feed on? With my bubbly personality?”-Diary of a Wimpy Vampire.

The things I loved about the book was Nigel’s sense of humor and his  unemotional-about-everything-but-crazy-for-that-one-true-love attitude. That’s really the kind of “left-brained and yet totally romantic” man I want, minus the scary vampire bit. Every way through the book you see him as this character who is vexed about the world AND you see him fangirling over his human crush, writing things like “my voice burning with ancient desire as I proclaim my love for her” and referring to her as things like “my beautiful prey”. It made me feel really mushy inside. I read other Goodreads reviews where readers complained about this “obsessing over love” bit, but I really wouldn’t have liked this book if there wasn’t even this obsessing going on!

I also love Nigel’s crush- Chloe. She is almost the opposite of Nigel- a caring, compassionate girl who is all updated about world events and global issues that needs solving. Nigel makes attempts to be caring and nice around her because….that’s his crush and that’s what she’s about. And he has deep respect for her for her selflessness and sense of loyalty.

It’s funny how he even predicts how he will spend the rest of his life by saying that after all the polar ice-caps melt and the world drowns and ends, he would be floating in space spending the eternity there. It was so funny to read that, good thing I am a human and I die and probably don’t have that in my fate.

What I hated about the book: You’d expect that a vampire that lived on for a century would act mature, but you notice he still hadn’t even gone past the rebellious teen-phase; You’d think he would grow mentally. Even his 4-year old sister is like that. She still acts like she has the attention span of a goldfish while staying a vampire for almost a century. I mean, yes the plot of the book totally wouldn’t have worked because someone that’s been so old couldn’t possibly be pining for another 15-year old and still be living with his parents. But the age wasn’t necessary. The author could’ve made him a recently-turned vampire.

The ending was a bit too rushed and hence, predictable but I wished the ending was deep, as I do with almost all books, except for books written by Jaffar Iqbal, Humayun Ahmed or Nicholas Sparks- those guys are genius for awesome endings and starting-s and beginnings! 😀

Anyhow there’s part-2 and 3 to this book. And hopefully I can find them and review those too. Hope you liked my first book review! 🙂 What do you think about the book? Are you interested in reading it? 🙂 Do you want to see more book reviews?


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