Unromantic Dream

Today I’ll write about a very unromantic dream I had which I can’t forget. It was a bit more creepy than….unromantic. In the dream, I was in my room when I spotted some weird old guy in his 40s looking through his binoculars directly at me from the building in front of ous…and he wasn’t even that far away. He looked pretty Western……like…White and stuff. No wait, Blacks can be Western, LOL, but this dude was White. And I think he had dishwasher-brown hair and his eye color was somewhere between gray and hazel.

I hid behind my curtains and then looked out to check if he was still there. Sure enough, Oldie Stalker still there with his binoculars, Then I took a walk outside when I suddenly spot a mansion. And let’s call the stalker… weird old binocular man ‘Oldie Stalker’. And soon I noticed Oldie Stalker getting out of a limo and he had his lawyers and some official-looking people in suits with him. He said he wanted my hand in marriage. Super…weird. And then I turned to my mother who was suddenly there beside me and Mom was like, “Yeah. Whites can do anything. You can’t do anything ’bout them”. And I am still not sure what that meant but I think she meant that he was going to get his lawyer friends to call me down on some kind of law to get me to agree to say yes or something, whatever. And it dawned on meย  that Oldie Stalker was rich and the mansion was his.

I looked at him and Oldie Stalker continued to look really confused and said he liked me again, in a very sad way. And I was just there thinking, “Wow, dude. You’re filthy rich and you can get any girl you want..well….except for me. But out of all the women in the world, you choose me?” I thought of asking him that question but I was scared he was going to say something really sweet like, “Its because I think you’re a wonderful person”, etc etc and that would make me really guilty and sad and stuff. So I didn’t ask. And I felt really sorry for him for even considering me (there shows my low-self esteem).

I kept standing there in shock he’d pick me when there where so many women. Or where there a shortage of women in my dream-world and he had no other choice? I felt sorry for him when I said I wasn’t interested and then I did the other weirdest thing ever: I hugged him. I gave him a pity-hug, like…, “Yeah….nope”. And I didn’t want to look at his face because I probably hurt hisย  ego or something and I didn’t want to feel guilty for that too. And then another weird thing happened. When I hugged him, I just thought how safe his hug felt. I think he had broad shoulders and he was really tall. And I started to feel really calm and started to reconsider what I said about saying I wasn’t interested.Image result for buttercup powerpuff girl

And then Buttercup from the Powerpuff girlsย  shoot laser atand killedhim. I don’t remember anything more about the dream. I think we later had a party and I danced there. The end.



25 thoughts on “Unromantic Dream

  1. Deb says:

    Awwww…Buttercup is the evil you who just killed the tall, broad-shouldered and good hugger stalker guy before you fell for his warmth! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. mike says:

    if whites can do anything I sure missed that train. And by the way there’s nothing sexier than a woman with low self esteem that doesn’t speak my language ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Mon โ˜  says:

      Yep, dream Mom sure thinks so xD LOL, men attracted to women with low self-esteem? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ LOL, I didn’t think of it xD Haha, and I speak English xD LOL, thanks for the comment

  3. 2ndhalfolife says:

    So I read somewhere in dream stuff that characters in our dreams actually represent parts of ourselves. I’m not sure how this old man could be some part of you, but the part where he ‘wants’ you when he could have anyone else, may mean that you are accepting a part of yourself–a ‘mature’ person may represent that you are accepting that you are wanting to accept/want a mature part of yourself? Maybe that’s why the hug felt good…accepting yourself. But you are also denying that part too at the same time–pushing against ‘the establishment’. Houses also represent us–depending on what floor you are on–basement is like maybe soul, lower part of our being, attic more enlightened things… So a mansion may mean this ‘man/you’ is bringing you to something big/rich/beautiful…. Look at dreams from a less realistic perspective. See the symbolism!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mon โ˜  says:

      After I read this comment, I started researching on dream characters. I think you got that right. It might be an aspect of myself (a creepy aspect maybe? Just joking! :D). I love how you thought so deep into it and tried interpreting it for me. I think you hit the nail in the head there about learning to accept a mature part of me that’s trying to let go of the limiting beliefs about myself. Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jim says:

    wait a minute. how come “old” is someone in their 40’s??? God, I must be ancient since I’m in my 50’s. and how did you know I had binoculars?

    • Mon โ˜  says:

      LOL, no xD 40 isn’t old, it’s just old compared to me only ๐Ÿ˜€ I mean, it’s double +1 my age xD Haha, no Jim. You’re younger than a lot of youngsters here, they don’t know how to have fun :I And binoculars to look at objects close to you is a creative use of it xD

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