A Reality long Past (Monthly Hymn)

This is from a movie written and directed by one of my favorite authors- Humayun Ahmed.

The dance steps here are for women, so why are these men doing them? I will explain the history of this dance after explaining some of the scenes πŸ™‚ The clear audio version of the song along with the free download link is at the end of the post.

At 0:30 seconds into the scene, the father walks up to his son’s dance tutor and tells him, “Hey! Are you the one who’s going to be dancing for the client or my boy? Go teach him!!” Telling him to start teaching the boy already instead of just dancing, LOL. The tutor gets embarrassed but complies. He continues his dance and gets the boy to dance along.

At 0:56 seconds, the female servants of the client’s home came to sneak in behind bushes for a glimpse of men doing lady-like dance moves.

At 1:20 minutes into the video,the arrogant tabla-player claims he knew how to dance better than the “dance master” (what he called said, “Dase-master,” because he couldn’t properly pronounce the English word, as you hear from the beginning in his dialogue)) Then he joins in to show them how to do “real hip revolutions”.

The boy’s father gets shocked at seeing his hired tabla player acting like this. At 1:37 minutes he comes and tells him to stop being ridiculous LOL. You see the father manages everything here. He also gets vexed easily, as you’ve seen. And then the tabla-player goes back to doing his work. Irritated, the father goes back to sitting and watching.

At 2:08 minutes you see one weird guy in black enjoying the scene of the little boy dancing (and maybe enjoying this a little too much). This guy is a lonely servant at the client’s home with an unusual obsession with the client’s horses…. That’s all I will say. Watch the movie, it raises awareness of a sad history people never seem to talk about.

Now for the Bangladeshi history lesson of long, long ago:

Women weren’t allowed to dance or perform in our country at that time. They’d stay at home and work. So a group of men got the idea of cross-dressing and dancing like women for business. They would get dressed like women, look like women and act like women to arouse their male clients.

The little boy would be dressed up as a girl for the clients.

From the movie, as you see from the video, the father of the boy irritatingly managing the tutors and the band….is also his pimp. This is why the name of the movie, Ghetu Putra Komola, translated to English is “Pleasure-Boy Komola”. The feminine name of the character the boy dances as is called Komola. He would dress up as a girl, transforming from the boy (that you see in the video) to this a girl (as you see in the above picture) through make-up. Of course the boy doesn’t know what his clients would do to him…until it happens. The little boy would scream and shout to be released but the father, feeling ashamed of himself and yet, still made his son comply because they were poor.

I won’t give out spoilers for the movie, it is an excellent one and in the end it made me want to cry.

Clear Audio Version:

Download link: HERE.


8 thoughts on “A Reality long Past (Monthly Hymn)

  1. LosiLosLoco says:

    Sounds like a powerful movie! If only I could find the full link somewhere… πŸ˜‰ I’m actually curious to see it now that you’ve talked about it.
    From what you said, I am irritated already that the Father would go to such lengths…BUT I can report back to you once I actually see it!

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Yeah. It’s a very interesting movie, any movie by Humayun Ahmed is great! I am not sure whether there are any movies with good English subtitles in USA, I don’t think there would be any. But if you happen to find one by a magical chance, you better get it and tell me about it, Piney!. Yeah, I was irritated by the father too. But in the movie you see how the country was almost flooded and there wasn’t any chance to do much work unless it was to “pleasure” the rich at that time when everything was in ruins for a while. After the flood goes away, they go back to their usual routine. It did raise awareness of a lot of things, the culture, how the weather could impact the poor, etc

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Sure is. Even in the movie you see the boy’s mother telling the boy to punish her by hitting her over because of what they are making him do but the boy refuses and does nothing and just cries

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