Demons’s Harps

We’re erasing South-Asian civilization with our obsession with the West. We use English words in our conversations to sound “internationally smart” (or however they want to sound). Some use really bad English just for the sake of it. I myself don’t know good Bangla and yet I was about to say these people should be made to stand on the gallows. I just learnt this word “gallows“. And the thing I wrote about being made to stand on gallows is extreme, forget that part.

I think I am a patriot, like I will have our flags flapping furiously…in some places.

Well. I hate it … I get that it’s an international language, but how are we to conserve out nationality that way? We need to f*cking lay down the rule of speaking “nationally” on media . We can’t let our history disappear.

But these “internationally national” guys are forming a cult of demons playing “international” harps to please the ears (ew, ears?) of their peers . Thanks a lot. We are losing the language our ascendants shed a sea of blood for. I am mad people can’t take pride in their own language. This ass trend needs to stop.

Bangladesh is relatively obscure from the public. It’s sad. I was wondering about putting our flag in the blog’s widget captioning, “This is Bangladesh’s flag and you should know that.” Seriously! Almost everyone can tell what the flag of the Yanks and the Brits looks like. Even us!

Why you ignore Bangladesh? It’s Bangladesh. It’s my country; I blog from this place among the pitiable shambles of this developing-country (but you aren’t giving our language a chance on the media!)



I came up with that meme, so my blog deserves a little credit in there, LOL.

Photography credit for Barbie Standing on Bridge: Lila


20 thoughts on “Demons’s Harps

  1. LosiLosLoco says:

    Mon, I can understand how you feel. It’s extremely sad to see the history and culture of a group or area slowly dwindle away. Especially, at the hands of the West. While I am from the West, I actually don’t like patriotism. I can’t say I’m openly patriotic about my country. But for those countries which are shadowed, unfortunately, by my country and its influence, I would hope to see some patriotism. That way I’ll be reminded that there’s another way of life for me to respect.
    For those in your country that are learning that international language, I understand that it’s important. The world is growing smaller as it expands. Certain skills are pretty useful to have. But they should not keep you from your heritage or culture at least.
    Thanks for posting. As short as it was, I loved it to death! ❤ 🙂

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Yeah, it’s incredibly sad and almost no one from this generation seems to care. Certain skills are useful and needed, or else I wouldn’t be able to blog with such a bigger community had I not learnt the English language, but other languages shouldn’t be erasers 😦 Thank you ❤

  2. yanaakm says:

    Keep pride in your culture! It is important and I agree. Everyone doesn’t need to be the same, and should not. I like the differences and different cultures. I don’t want them to all be the same. Hugs!

  3. Deb says:

    I went of and Googled the flag. Now I do know it. It seems like the whole world is going to end up morphing into one westernized form at some point. A bit sad,but true.

  4. AKIRAA says:

    Hey there!
    Was nice talking to you all this while..
    I wish you all the luck for your life ahead! 😊
    I am taking a break and you’ll get the details in today’s post which I’ll be publishing in an hour but just wanted to tell you personally to
    Be Different,
    Be Unique! ☺

    Keep Smiling! 🙂

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