National International

Here’s a random rant I wrote a while ago:

donald trump, charles manson, gop, presidential debate, republican presidential debate, serial killer

I showed Mom this footage of the “I am Hispanic”-lady at Donald Trump’s speech. I told her, “This dude is Donald Trump,”

“It’s the abnormal man, isn’t it?” Mom squinted.

Many of Trump’s ideas cause national (hey. I’m  in Bangladesh, remember ;), I just wanted to add in that word) laughter here. I don’t care  except for the fact that Trump makes more people laugh than me. That part only makes me green.

Random thought: I meet people from various parts of the world…. online. It’s strange we share the same sun….Sun. Do we have only one sun that orbits us and we orbit it (while still sticking to the earth cos’….gravity)? Weird. Doesn’t feel like it, feels like Bangladesh has a sun of it’s own. I need to go abroad to convince myself we share the same sun. Do you get the sun where you at? (xD)

Anytime you look at the sun…just think about Mon. ‘Mon’ kind of sounds like “Moon” just with an extra “oooooo” feel to it. That might help to y’all to remember me. Mo(ooOoooOoOOoO)n.

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