“We hate Hate but We love Love!”

Fairly odd parents anyone? Anyone!?

Eons ago, Brighton Bipolar nominated me for a love-hate challenge and…..here’s my list!

TEN things I love:

  1. Stubble on dudes
  2. When a baby tries to get up but falls on it’s

    butt while in the superman-pose

  3. Blog-Comments
  4. When babies laugh
  5. Baby chicken
  6. Optimists
  7. Meow’s
  8. Chandeliers
  9. Hugs
  10. Men’s underwear…..umhmm.

TEN things I hate:

  1. Intense logical thinking/analysis
  2. People disturbed by others’ lifestyles that doesn’t affect them.
  3. Whenever the media infuses the English language in our language. F*ck, trynna sound Western here? Some people still appreciate their mother-tongue here now, all of us ain’t dead! (Will definitely write a post on it later)
  4. When the computer freezes.
  5. Writer’s block
  6. When someone in this tiny country with over 500 million people speedily bumps into me FROM BEHIND and tells me to slow down.
  7. Slow-walkers without any care for whoever is walking behind them (And  I always make sure that when I walk slowly that there’s no one behind me, but I don’t know where the lady in #6 suddenly come from!)
  8. When I buy something with the expectation of it tasting good but it tastes icky and yucky and non-tasty.
  9. When I feel so heavy from depression that my body feels like it weighs a million pounds and I feel like I can’t speak or move.
  10. That time of the month. Period.

I nominate some new bloggers (You may choose to accept or reject the challenge :)):


Girl, informed




Here are the rules:

  • List 10 things that you love.
  • List 10 things that you hate.
  • Nominate fellow bloggers to take the challenge

That’s all.



17 thoughts on ““We hate Hate but We love Love!”

  1. willytyme says:

    Baby’s laughter is the best music in the world, but I really hate writers block and when my computer gets to cold and freezes up. And I hate periods too, but I hate question marks more than periods just because of the way they’re shaped. ;o)

  2. abyssbrain says:

    In Hong Kong, you would rarely see slow walkers. In fact, if you’re not fast enough, you’d find that a lot of old men walk faster than you 🙂

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