At the Therapist

I was at the therapist. This therapist is so good. She didn’t even start….therap-izing me yet but she is already good for me. I felt so calm and understood after our session. She let me go on on my own pace, I didn’t feel as scared with her like I did with the other therapist. I was comfortable enough to share some pretty vulnerable sides of me. Cried so, so so so so so f*cking much in that room. And it was good, the first “actual” therapist. She charges a lot for half an hour but good help is hard to find so I will stick with her. First therapist I actually looked forward to visiting again.


64 thoughts on “At the Therapist

  1. Sarahnity says:

    I saw a few therapists until I found one that was great for me and it is totally worth paying for it. Some therapists aren’t right for some people in the same way some people are not friends with other people. I hope it goes really well. You will feel so good about once your anxiety improves. It is us anxiety ridden people who are the strongest. No one knows what you go through and knows how much you try to live a normal life. Other people have it easy. Stay strong ❤

    • Mon ☠ says:

      A good therapist….is a good wait for. All the other therapists I met were sort of “text book” therapists who all just didn’t care much about it. Yeah, I mean, when people have the ability to even think for themselves and then have the audacity to say, “Depression doesn’t exist, it’s just an excuse to be lazy”

      • Sarahnity says:

        I can completely relate to this. One therapist even had his text book out and was reading from it. “Do you think this describes you?” Aren’t you the one who is suppose to know this? He helped a little but there was so many activities to try at home – writing down my thoughts and how I should think instead etc. Not what I needed. A lot of my past has to do with who I am today and once that was all brought up and explored I understood why I have anxiety. My last therapist was a breath of fresh air and I would go back to her again if I need too.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        That’s absolutely ridiculous to do that! Oh my God. Yeah. I also had a therapist who was like that. She would make me write everything I did within the day and make me take quizzes in her office. The new therapist I have hasn’t even started anything but just from talking to her, seeing how she reciprocated to me and her body-language during it all. It was all so calming and I wanted to stay in there a little more haha.

  2. Elusive Trope says:

    I just had my first meeting with my new therapist this past Monday. Things look promising. I try to go into the process thinking it might take two or three different therapists (maybe more) before I find one who (1) knows what he or she is doing and (2) with whom I feel personally comfortable. Unfortunately the so-so and not-so-good therapists are far more numerous than the very good therapists. The real frustrating part of the process is that it might take three to five sessions before one realizes this (or longer if one is not familiar with the relationship dynamics between therapist and client).

    I hope this one turns out well.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Yes, it was the same way for me. I’ve had a number of therapists before I could find one I was comfortable with. And I never thought I would feel comfortable with someone on the first day, so she is pretty amazing. I thought the same too when she was talking to me, she really sounded like she got me and she would paraphrase everything I say in the end to make me know I understand her. Which is so kind of her. I hope this one turns out well too. Good luck with you too!

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Yeah, Lacy. All the other therapists treated me like I was some kind of “case”. And I always felt pressure whenever they would ask me about my “history” when I didn’t even have the energy to talk. The lovely lady I met that day talked so gentle and was so patient with me. I didn’t feel as nervous and I told her a lot of things I didn’t even feel comfortable sharing with the other therapists.

      Lacy, I am super, super sure you will be a great therapist 🙂 You are an awesome soul, I don’t doubt it a bit!

      • lacymiri says:

        Awww. You are so kind, Mon! I’m so glad you found a therapist you get along with! That will make the road to wellness so much more easier! 🙂

  3. acquiescent72 says:

    Letting a good cry out is great! And I agree that having the right therapist is a huge step in solving any issues.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Yes, I know! It’s been so long. I have been through so many therapists, travelling long journeys to find a good one and so on. I finally found a great one!

    • Mon ☠ says:

      *Looks up “cathartic”* Yeah, it is 🙂 I hope things go a lot better with her. On the first day she was just knowing some of my history but her presence itself was so calming. I loved her gentle nature 🙂

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