Vista de Loving


Almost one whole month this year I contemplated on cutting. It appeared to be one thing I had control over, not my mind, but my body. It even seemed like the perfect way to to release heavy feelings of worthlessness (of being mentally ill) by punishing myself.

An inner plea to feel less worthless by getting away with what I thought I “deserved”. I realize it was a sad feeling to go through because no one should be ashamed or feel like a terrible person to others around them for being mentally ill.

I haven’t cut myself and I think blood is terrifying, so enough with those thoughts. The most I’ve done is just biting my arm hard, so that ain’t really much. Just once. *Shrugs* I have healed a lot through blogging. Now to continue onto somethiing else,

There are (TONS of!) people on WordPress who need your support- search under tags “depression”, “mental illness”, “suicide”, etc similar ones. Offer one understanding/boosting comment to one person from time to time. It takes minuscule effort to read what others share. Show one act of kindness to yourself and someone nearby. Let’s help each other out, “each other” includes your next-door-bloggers as well!

My only resolution for this year is to relax more.I will keep the new-year resolution to a single one (and not “resolutionS)so I can remember the main focus of the year.

Slight Announcement: I might come back on June. I have scheduled posts from January-May. I can come back to the blog from my dad’s phone. There will be monthly music picks, promotional posts, but one personal post will be published every Tuesday (ALL posts at 7 PM, UTC+06:00).

*Lovingly with-a-new-near-celebratory-way-yeah-that-way hugs y’all*

Image by amazing friend- Lila


35 thoughts on “Vista de Loving

  1. Sushmita says:

    I know how it feels when your mind becomes your enemy and unfortunately, positive thinking doesn’t work. I personally admire you for the way you express yourself. I hope you continue to do so in 2016! Wish you a very happy new year!

  2. Wake38 says:

    You are brave and I commend you for that! I do want to share that I have a “Mon” in my life, funny right. I just want to offer a great big THANK YOU for showing up in life and being a shining example of what it means to use your life experiences to encourage others. I think you’re awesome!
    Happy New Year! –W38

  3. Ridwan Sami says:

    ডুব দিছাতো?

    বাই দ্য রাস্তা, নতুন বছরের অগ্রিম শুভেচ্ছা তোমাকে।

  4. Aayusi says:

    Hey hope u have a very happy new year !! N hope you r doing well ! Loads of hugs n love from my side …n yep helping each other is one of the most successful ways of coming out of aloofness ..! :*

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