Medical help + Home

Emotional Eating Gif

My Emotional Eating in a single gif.


  1. Tanya
  2. Soap
  3. Soapy Smell
  4. Self-Esteem Issues
  5. Food

The first 5 things I thought of when thinking of home (#5 is quite the legit item).

Here’s an entry from my journal two months back:

“Now my pills have adjusted to my body and I feel calmer. Being Mon has its particular perils, to illustrate: she gone mad. I tell myself I’ll get better on my own. How long will that lie go on? I need others to be saner. I have to talk with boring people to make friends. Gosh, but it takes energy to make small-talk.

Internet people are amazing but it’s difficult to socialize completely without meeting someone. I wish I could meet..

I stock up on things to do in my to-do list, which I never do. I try to make the list short, with only three things to do. And then I don’t do it. That causes me to lose my resolve.

I start the next day on the same dusty slate. I confess my indulgence on laziness, it’s sexy, my lack of proper organization. Soon I forget what I wanted to do, tip my hat to new to-do’s, end up not doing them, feel crappy for not doing them and repeat this cycle. I am sure millions can relate.”

(End of entry)

Here’s a tip I read from one Reader’s Digest mag- psychologist Peter Gollwitzer** found people who included when-where-and-how factors into their plans were more likely to achieve new year’s resolutions.

(**from Germany’s University of Konstanz, I mention his Uni ‘cos there’s a well-known professor of psychology by that same name. Wow, wait….why do I know that?)


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