I am myself, not your data

I see these people getting data to prove why feminism isn’t needed, (which just shows it’s needed. I mean, “data” to fight against what is real and concrete for those who experience sexism first-hand?

Are you kidding me, my dear “Theory-ticals”?).

I once explained to one man how feminism is different from what extremists do. I told him that even if in his environment the women feel safer (and doesn’t have to deal with sexism), it doesn’t all the world-population have it that way too. You know what he said? He said he’d stick to his own opinions no matter what I said.

Most of the problems with such debaters is their pointing to something that isn’t feminism and then calling it “feminism” for themselves.They point to extremists to support their points. And I am here like, “So….no one cares is what you’re saying?”.Most feminist women experienced first-hand of the problems of sexism in society.

It’s just life I have to accept: some people will work their butt off to prove how worthless your feelings towards sexism are. And I am here, just wondering, “I am not dumb enough to say men can’t have problems. Now what gives you the right to be blind to my friggin’ problems?” Really.

“I believe in equality but I am not a feminist”. Huh? Guess what? Despite how it can mean women trying to get equal rights as men in society, it WILL be twisted by other people (as they point their “I-know-your-rights-better-than-you-know-themselves”-fingers at extremists, like there aren’t extremists in every group) to avoid the issue altogether.

Why did you back away from my stance on the argument? I thought to the man who told me he’d stick to his ideas ofย  feminism. No matter what I said.


17 thoughts on “I am myself, not your data

  1. LosiLosLoco says:

    Sadly true. Can’t really have a thorough and intense argument about problems that exist if one can’t be at least open minded. Bigots also don’t help. Usually these bigots need some type of brainwashing to help change their minds or at least expand them.. Thanks for posting Pinecone! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Sharon Yvonne says:

    PREACH! I understand what you mean. For some people, feminism is a women’s superiority group, when its purpose is to even the playing field.

    I don’t know why this concept is so hard to grasp.

    • Mon โ˜  says:

      I don’t think it is hard to grasp at all. I think most people want things the way they have been. I think it’s too hard to not know this fact about women’s rights for most people.

    • characterflaws says:

      I think it might be the word itself. As much as we women want to promote equality, the word “feminist” seems to feel exclusive for some men. I have a hard time believing the majority of men want the same thing for women, but sometimes our own language can betray us when attempting to gain male following.

      Or sometimes men just really believe that women are inferior and should act that way, in which case we can’t change the minds of those men. We simply work on gaining more women, and men who do want equality, and slowly those sexist men will be outcast.

      • Mon โ˜  says:

        Yes. But it’s a little funny really. If you want men to feel comfortable crying, you need to make crying be seen as not this “weak, womanly trait”. You can’t have one without the other completely.That’s just one example of the many things happening to men because of women’ equality issues.

        And maybe it’s just because I have grown up around many misogynists that I believe no one is blind to women’s issues. My dad, for example, says that male classmates at school should act in dominance over the female class mates because males are the ones who will be providing for them. I asked him what the use of me getting an education was for if I was going to live under a man. No answer then. So he definitely knows the ridiculousness. I just think it’s very very very hard to miss women’s issue and those who don’t know about it live under rocks…and I believe there are a few people like that.

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